Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The right thing to say

The thought that there is always something you might say, and things will magically turn out the way you want them to, the idea that we can, that we master our fate (fado). I like to think I can, and sometimes like today I have the perfect sensation that I can't do squat, either for inability or simply because it can't be done.
This feeling is quite disarming, it affects even your judgment of what you can do, and should do. The thing on days like today is why would I even try doing anything, I mean think about you can see you can't do anything, should you still try? If you are honest with yourself, you should, better to have fought and lost... you know the story. But your fears take over, they destroy what you know for certain, you start doubting yourself, the doubt is the seed for all inaction... Fucking not cool, I don't even know what I am talking about, honestly I’ll just share a song with you guys, a song that I feel as my curse, something I can see only in special moments where I can trust myself so much and distrust what others show me... (If it doesn't make sense, well it does for those who know me, and if it doesn't for those I am sure I could convince you it does :P)

After dueling with the right music clip, I choose the one that has the lyric and shows less beyond it, but if you youtube it you might find different views for the song, if you know how to look...

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