Friday, January 18, 2008

9805 days

Today was struggling with the title for this post, don't know really what will come out of my fingers, its a kind of self typing post, except for the title, 9805 days lived by yours truly... 26 years, 10 months and 3 days. First don't freak out, I don't usually keep track of this shit, simply today was felt this need to quantify my life, seems like a good way to do it.
Every day is a chance to make a difference, I heard this once I think, I get lost in what are my words or someone else’s, regardless I’ll be reaching the big 10 000 soon, not even a year away, good time for a balance? Perhaps, but not today, maybe on that day, this day is about just writing about nothing, the void of the world...
The TV series of the moment, had a nice thought today, funny I was watching to forget about the world, like the window to the fantasy world of our heads. Everything is simple, their mistakes are so obvious, I wouldn't make them, and just like in football everybody has a comment.
Life is simple, if you are looking at someone else's life. People watch too much TV, or so I hear, and people wonder why, even if they do it themselves. Tell you why, in the world of the lonely, the window to the perfect is where I’ll be! But TV is not always perfect, well how perfect would it be if you where in there? Living that life? More perfect I’ll bet... (Note I am generalizing TV, OBVIOUSLY I MEAN A CERTAIN KIND OF TV)
To my point, this TV series had a nice input from a wise dude from which I didn't catch the name, but I didn't catch the exact quote either so...
In a world where everybody is alone, it would be very selfish to it alone. The feeling of being alone is maximized in a crowd, yet we crave for belonging, so we step into the crowd with the hopes of facing a new day with the chance to make a difference. All in all a pretty fucked up post.
Counting at least for the stats, and to say day 9806 maybe the day that makes the difference... Hope is in fact the last thing to go....

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