Wednesday, January 23, 2008


What is this need to define things, where does this need to put labels on things comes from? Why do things have to be in some sort of classification to make sense? Why can't things just be, no definitions, no determinations, simply be...
This topic is quite interesting from my perspective and I haven't reached any valid conclusive conclusion :P, regardless I decided to ask the questions.
Why do we need to define ourselves? Not even going into validation from other people, but is this need to be able to say I am like this or like that. When we do it, condensing who we are into words, are we constricting who we really are? Aren't we all a work into process, with no clear definition, simply taking it as we go along? Clearly we need to define ourselves for our sanity, but why? I can dodge the question, we know how we are, even if we don't understand it, we simply are, and by adding words to this, we are just making the equation more complex and harder to handle, after all some of us like to keep a certain level of coherency.
This question is applied to everything, what is the need to define things that might happen, or describe how things are. Aren't we living without living on doing so, I mean think about it, its like you live it in your head before you actually experience it, we react based on the definitions and assumptions, we don't really experience things for what they are, the simplicity of being what it is, no definitions, and life would take care of the rest.
I wish I could see it, giving up this prison of words that define all and everything, binding us to a reality that we did not create, and that might not appropriate for us, even adding evolution, we are always a bit short for the whole equation, and far from really living things for what they are.
(I'll get back to this topic, today I am tired so this is it :P)

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