Sunday, October 25, 2009

Growing Old Is Getting Old...

Came across this one in a tv series, at the time I thought nice song I should get it...
Once I realised the title and the lyrics I thought, how pertinent ;)
It is a great song, something that pushed me towards getting old, to write my pending Japan posts so I could share this one. At a time of choice, fear is always present, and has in dune "fear is the mind killer". The mind plays numb, makes you redundant, until it is out of your reach. You see it and yet... Well not the point of the post, enjoy the song, and get a bit older, in time and wisdom...

So we all
Are growing old
And it's getting old

Pressure on
Our hollow bones
And the (varicose)?

We decompose
But we're not alone

So we all
Are growing old

Maybe we're sealed in silence
And maybe we feel a guidance
Maybe your own devices
Will keep you afraid and cold
But I

Your smile lines
From left to right

And childlike
Reaction time

We're allowed
To expire

So we all
Are growing old

Pull out the fear of silence
And put out the need for guidance
And put out your own devices
And don't be afraid of the cold

And we sing, sing, sing.
Fight, we fight, fight.
We cry, cry, cry.
We slide, slide, we slide into the light.

We sing, fight, we cry.
We slide, slide, we slide into the light.

Maybe we're sealed in silence
And maybe we feel a guidance
Maybe your own devices
Will keep you afraid and cold, well.

Pull out the fear of silence
Put out the need for guidance
Put out your own devices
And don't be afraid of the cold
Afraid of the cold
Afraid of the time
You've got no where to go but here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Japan - day 5 (tokyo and toilets)

So last day in Gifu, I had to take this picture...

Where would you say this picture was taken? LOL I guess the title of this post gives it away :P yes the toilet...

Why would you need that there? I mean you are taking a shit and need a beer? Honestly don't get it.

Moving on to Tokyo, city of lights, city of confusion, city of chaos... Exaggeration? Not really, as an example in Tokyo the public transports do not belong to one company, which is good right? competition? Wrong, you end up needing different tickets to get places, and we are not event talking of different types of transportation, were are talking same type different companies. Some lines are for one others for another, a complete mess. It is quite hard to navigate there :P.
But overall it is a interesting town, however I didn't get to see much...

Finally the last toilet, check it out...

This one is awesome, so if you press the button a get of water hits your ass hole, but that is not the coolest part, it hits it regardless of weird you sit on the toilet. It has some sort of hole tracking system, LOL, I swear I tried different positions it is just funny. Someone told me after that they spend millions on this, money well spend, right? ;P

Japan - day 4 (last day of conference...)

Firstly let me apologise for the late post, it has been over a month since I left japan and I haven't posted the final days, for that I am sorry. For that and the fact that some stuff I will forget to say. Nevertheless I will try.
So for the last day in Gifu, another conference day, plus the conference dinner, some shopping and a few curiosities.
So the conference was nothing special, but during the day I found out about this...

Good that I could find a video, since I wasn't able to go to that event because it was on Saturday. However I need to share this with you, a bird that catches the fish, how cool is that? Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River (ぎふ長良川の鵜飼 Gifu Nagaragawa no Ukai?) has played a vital role in the history of the city of Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Throughout its long history, it evolved from a means to live, to a profitable industry, to a major tourist draw. It runs from May 11 to October 15 of each year (except when the river level is high and during the Harvest Moon). for more on this:

Moving on so after the proceedings there was a toyota automation special event where I got to see this live, check it out:(since my videos came out dark here youtube :P)

Same song and everything :P. Cool isn't it, they have a full band, and are working on a robot to play the violin. I could talk about the future and how it looks from the roadmap of toyota, but let me just say, science fiction is coming :P

Last but not least the conference dinner, it was great, nice venue, OK food(that wasn't the best, from UK standards it was brilliant but still :P), nice people, nice traditional puppet show. That reminds...

So you might not know this, but Japanese researchers in the field of robots are mostly on the humanoid robots, most of their papers, and they are considered to be in the vanguard of such systems. Well from looking at the puppet show I think they are obsessed with it for hundred of years. Each puppet need like 4-5 people to operate it, really complicated control if you know what I mean ;P