Friday, February 29, 2008

Crossroads by Tracy Chapman

Hello so today I am feeling a bit ill, still doesn't stop me from putting a couple of words together, or borrow some more insightful words from somebody else :P.
I was going to put this song in normal text, but I think this one deserves to be always in the way, sometimes poetry is the best way :P.
This is a remarkable song by an amazing artist, one of those song that always inspire us, when she goes hmmm you can feel that you should feel life, and see it has simple has it can be, event if it is just for a moment.
So an eternal song, that has inspired me in other occasion which I stumbled upon today and decided to share with you, hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and please follow the lyrics fucking brilliant :)

All you folks think you own my life
But you never made any sacrifice
Demons they are on my trail
I'm standing at the crossroads of the hell
I look to the left I look to the right
There're hands that grab me on every side

All you folks think I got my price
At which I'll sell all that is mine
You think money rules when all else fails
Go sell your soul and keep your shell
I'm trying to protect what I keep inside
All the reasons why I live my life

Some say the devil be a mystical thing
I say the devil he a walking man
He a fool he a liar conjurer and a thief
He try to tell you what you want
Try to tell you what you need

Standing at the point
The road it cross you down
What is at your back
Which way do you turn
Who will come to find you first
Your devils or your gods

All you folks think you run my life
Say I should be willing to comprimise
I say all you demons go back to hell
I'll save my soul save myself

The revolution will not be televised... it will be in cinemas near you

Today we have a relevant topic and completely unrelated to me (except for the fact that I am writing it).
I struggle with the topic because I was unsure if I should focus the trigger or resulting thought, regardless I went for the trigger it gives a logical flow to the thought.
So first background knowledge, I went to this Hispanic society event where the "documentary" "the revolution will not be televised" was shown by the magazine "New Internationalist". This is a so called non profit media that is not driven by market or cooperativeism, and other types of "isms". Don't get me wrong I don't want to really comment o the magazine because I didn't have a chance to read it, but by skimming through it, I can say it doesn't look promising, it has adverts for stuff, the devils market tool :P, and seems completely bias to a left wing radical way of thinking (But will read it and let you know).
From my view I am a moderate center guy, no right or left, meaning depending on the issues I have a slightly more less or right view (just saying this so you understand my view, or at least have an idea).
So going into the so called "documentary" and I say it like this because it was a clear propaganda movie clearly designed to pass a political image about Hugo Chavez, ohh almost forget the movie is about the so called Hugo Chavez persecution who is a quasi saint figure. Ok I am being mean and exaggerating, anyways check it out it screams propaganda, never the less I’d like to state that I am sure it has a lot of real facts, has does any good propaganda.
Sorry about that, the thing is I don't want to talk about the film, I do want to talk about the discussion that took place after.
I could tell you about the dude, and is very unclear and shifty views, like those liberalists that are just because they are, no real dept to the arguments, but I don't want to go there.
I do want to talk about radicals, meaning people that are radical either in left or right, and how that can be so destructive. The scenario for the practical example is Venezuela, what Chavez did was what we heard in other places, either you are with me or against me, and again I don't want to talk about Chavez or his hypocrisy, just this simple fact what does a moderate do when confronted with a radical view?
The question makes perfect sense since most of the so called western world (basically the more developed nations) are moderate nations, we people voting mostly moderate.
Don't think about politics, because the context is a bit irrelevant, imagine that someone approach you with a radical view on something, like all we should kill all criminals, what would you do? Obviously you can ignore them, that is a way, but what if you have to make a stand, like in Venezuela, I mean sometimes ignoring the problem just makes it worst.
You would go well it depends and bla bla bla, but the thing is if the arguments where too radical against what you are saying, you have too choices either start conceding or start radicalizing in the other direction.
This is the thing radical thinking enables the bipolarization of arguments and destroys the possibility for consensus. This is my main thought, and I think it is quite brilliant (sorry I get proud of myself sometimes :P). You might even use this to your advantage, because if you don't want consensus this is the best way, blockade situations. This is the clear thing that radicals should see instead of enabling their views they are preventing us from reaching the sort of status quo that we which to happen when we have radical views.
This is the point I wanted to make, without going to much into detail, of radical views and how they appeal to things we all want and bla bla bla, just something I thought you should all think about.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mobile phones

Firstly let me apologize for the late post entry, regardless I have an interesting topic.
So mobile phones this plague we can't live without, hard to imagine life without them, I mean I got my first one around 10 years ago, and I really don't understand how I could operate any sort of social life without it. The fact is we did live without it, and I did do stuff, and meet friends and so forward. The mobile gives us freedom to plan unplanned events, thus allows us to live more intensively, we don't need to wait we can call, I mean 5 minutes late let's see what is happening, I might have time to grab a cup of coffee in the meantime :P. Note that I am not being ironic I do think it is a great tool, after all it is one of my expertise engineering wise :P, the thing is mobiles are around and are a part of our lives for several reasons, and strangely enough this post is not about that :P, it is about what we can get out of it...
Right so everyone has a mobile, this means idiots have mobiles which can be a scary concept :P. This post is to target the people that use mobiles regardless of the situation, so it is targeting the idiots that forget to turn off the mobile in the cinema (ok I am guilty of that one :P) and as if that isn't enough they pick up and TALK DURING THE MOVIE, honestly WHAT THE FUCK!! Sometimes they pick up to say I am in the movie I’ll call you latter, I mean how stupid can you be? Have you heard of SMS? Or just rejecting the call? Ohh right some other idiots take it personally if you reject their call, I mean god forbid that I call you and you are busy, that can't happen I mean aren't I the center of the universe? NO you are not...
And now for the subtleties, I mean people act like that when they have no respect for others, or thing others have no respect for them. Analyzing the extreme positions it is always obvious what is the right way to do it, but what about the grey areas?
If you are getting a cup of coffee with a friend and someone calls you? And what if the conversation with your friend is a serious one? I mean don't get me wrong some calls are important and you might need to take it, which you can explain, but would you pick up and talk in front of the person for ages? (When I get an important call I excuse myself for a bit, but hey that is just me) You can really see how people see you through their behavior, I have loads of tests for that :P (maybe on another post :P), but the mobile one is a new addition, and the beauty of if is I don't have to do it, people do it for you...
The mobile is always present, so it is just a matter of time, they start texting for no given reasonable reason, or pick up the phone on "your" time, meaning the time they are suppose to be with you, and again for no reason, I mean how are is it to I’ll call you back, considering that rejecting the call is out of the question :P
The thing is this test is not set in stone because there are exceptions in it, has in any other test, but I am starting to realize that the mobile reaction is key in predicting the sort of relation you want to have with someone... but then again I might be wrong, it has been known to happen, just not often :P.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The devilish snooze button

Or the button from hell, temptation itself, it only appears in the morning just next to the one that means get out of bed, I mean honestly who doesn't ever push the snooze?
Today as you must have guess I pushed the snooze button, or so I thought, so I oversleep. It happens, still it got me wondering why the fuck we use this button so much, I mean why not set an hour when our mind is clear, without given time already for the snooze pressing, honestly do those 5 minutes really make a difference? Well I feel they do in the morning, but I think they don't the rest the day :P.
You wake up and think, 5 minutes, what is that, the "me" from last night knows nothing, the morning "me" thinks it is fine, who needs a clear head to make decisions? Hazy is the best way to decide :P.
And when you do multiple snooze pushes, I mean honestly why? What sort of mind set do we have to do it? And the thing is that it seems to make sense, I am conscious when I do it, and it seems clear the logic. Just one of those frustrations that one lives with, and don't get me wrong I love that button except when shit like today happens, or multiple snooze which I think makes me more tired :P.
The coolest thing is when you are dreaming, because you don't really wake up, you snooze and then you are in the dream but knowing it is a dream, better even your dream, thus you can control it :P so fucking fun that I really hope you know what I am talking about...
Regardless of the coolness, I really despise the alarm manufactures for coming up with this option, because honestly the idea I can't blame them, but come on keep it away (ok the morning "me" doesn't agree with this at all :P).
Anyways I am putting myself on probation no snooze for a week, I’ll keep you posted to what happens, if I can remember that is :P.

Monday, February 25, 2008

"Happiness is only real when shared"

A quote from the movie I have to mention due to the relevance and comes in a nice sequence I would say, but I am getting ahead of myself.
The name of the movie is "Into the wild" based on a true story of a guy that goes on what he calls "the great Alaska adventure", and the path that lead there, the disconnection with society, with the known world, with the preconceptions of society. I don't want to tell much about the road and his conclusions since I expect you to watch the movie and I don't want to spoil it. But I do want to address his need to get away, to leave the preconceptions of society and its rules.
Remember the anchors? well it fits here, without then we are simple a leap away from what he does in the movie, this person with whom one has at least one or two characteristics in common, sometimes just a little voice in our heads saying what if I went? Would it matter? Would I find myself? Well I’ll leave the similarities between you and the character for you to do, and keep in mind that it is based on a true story.
With anchors one never really does it, because they provide the stability and the reason to move in a certain way, to move and realize ones potential. That is the thing, even if it doesn't matter to you, there is a force pushing you to realize your potential. The anchors, your friends, whatever it is, provides a stable balance where you have to be a certain way, simply because you can...
And for the first time I don't see this as a betrayal of ones self, I would think that if you get pushed by others than it is not our path, simply the path that is expected. The thing is, they do it because they "love" you (in Portuguese I would not use this word but English is a bit more restrictive), that doesn't mean you shouldn't follow your own way, but you should disregard others, after all a men is not simply a men, it is always a men and his circumstances, his anchors, his reasons for living. The quote that you might be somebody's world comes in here, you might and thus you should be care for that world, if not for any other reason, for the other person's sake.
Be adventurous, feel life, and surround yourself by those who matter, present in your world or not, don't let those bridges fade, they are your own definition, seek happiness but know that it is only real when shared, a life time of accomplishments means nothing for an empty world, but bare in mind that you need these accomplishments to share with those you find, life is a balance wills and forces, the simple equilibrium of happiness will come from the simplicity of moments, the ones you share unknowingly simple and pure. A night out with friends and you make fools of yourselves with one cheesy song, can anyone tell me how much more simple and fun life can be? The simplicity of acceptance, we are not simple, but life is, we will over complicate it, but in the end it comes out to the ability of facing yourself, and saying this is me but that is my life...
Otherwise life will be what happens when you are busy making plans (again in tone with last night's post)...

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Tears of the mind, for some of the soul, the purity of thought, the balance of existence, the touch of your inner deepness. Thoughts of silent rage, of pure energy of hate, the inability to distinguish feelings, the purest prove of existence, in the mist of the void there's you. Feelings are beyond the real, impacting our material existence, our logical assumptions, and our need for definitions. Defining beyond the real, we lose our sanities, creating a hole in our soul, maintaining this conflict of being.
What the fuck am I talking about, should not post any of this shit, since it doesn't even make sense to me, just random sentences... Anyways I was about to delete them but I figure it defeats the purpose of the blog. Besides I don't really thing people will bother about it.
During next week the address of the blog goes into my msn, so the hour of releasing it to the world is here. Shouldn't make any difference since the people I did expect to feedback have it already, but lack the action either to read or to reply, which is kind of disappointing... Well at least it defeats the argument you don't share things, what's the point of sharing, "quid pro quo"... That is one of my favorite quotes ever, and I do get something out of it besides the ability to argue, I gain a record for myself, I guess I am analyzing the existence of the blog.
The name was well chosen, I am going toward nothing, literally, but if that changes well it still fits. Really don't want to write shit today.
I am going to watch a movie that I have a feeling will be the topic of tomorrow, and hopefully will change something of today, I’ll keep you posted.
One quote I liked from today "Instead of making plans for your life, plan to be surprised" it wasn't exactly this but you get the general idea.
Sorry for this post...

The anchors

Hey, so I really don't want to write shit today, but I did have an interesting conversation with a friend which produced what I am relaying (hopefully at least).
Tell me something that defines your life? What was it that came to mind? A person? A characteristic? An event? Whatever it was, ask yourself this, is it an anchor to who you are? Is it a thing that binds you to the existence that you have?
This is the main question, how many things are in your life that is a pillar of who you are? Don’t rush to answer it is quite a trick question if you think about, for example friends, are they an ancorr to who you are? Well in a way for sure, but they don't bind you to who you are, the whole definition of friend is no matter what they are there, if you move, if you change, the thing do friends help to define or describe you? (This goes beyond my original thought, cool :D)
The point that I wanted to make is, how many things bind you to the life you have now? And notice I used the word bind to give enfaces. I can think of one for me, my mom, so here is a tribute to her, awesome woman to whom I pretty much owe who I am.
The thing is, if we have little things binding us to our lives, honestly how many of you can really say your job is binding you? Isn’t it a social imposition that we have to take advantage of our potential thus having a good job? I guess my question was can we change?
Honestly I don't think so, but due to the anchors in our life, even one makes the difference, and honestly you should think about yours to give then the relevance they deserve, after all you are only where you are due to this binding.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Small mix

Big day today, started out slow, mobile run out of battery thus no alarm in the morning so oversleeping mode was on. Woke up still with yesterday's considerations, and how the recognition of the lost opportunities also denotes potential, which was a quite good realization, like the saying goes "every day is a new day to do better" and be better.
The work was mainly finding a good way to structure the impacts of the proposal that I am helping to put together with some colleagues, so nothing much there.
Now I’ll become less grounded and lift of to the abstract extrapolations...(sorry for that :P) since don't want to talk too much, if I stop half way, well who cares anyway...
Real time reactions, the things that you have to react to in real time, thus very little time to process the information... Normally it is quite easy to avoid situations where real time reactions occurs, don't get me wrong you always have them, but if you consider scenarios before hand and explore them through (at least a few levels in, meaning previewing some of the consequences and their required reaction...), this gives you quick reaction time to predicted scenarios, and not only that, it gives you the ability to better guide the situation to the scenario you find more suitable.(I could go on, but this is not the point of today :P)
Even will all efforts to avoid real time reactions, eventually you will be in such situations, the question is how not to react in a way that you might not want to justify, or in a way you can't justify, at least for me this is quite important, accountability is a key issue in human interaction.
Anyways today I realized something that I’ve been noticing for a while, I can almost react in real time, I can read things quicker than before, thus I must say that experience does give you this ability, and obviously the ability to damage control....
Ok, enough with that one, lets move on, I found myself wondering in unfamiliar territory exploring the corners of my mind in the search for justifications, and basically I identified fear as one of the key driving forces of life, not only mine, but how it goes to explain so many others. When you look at a situation and try to localize fear chances are you'll find it, it is always there, sometimes a bit more hidden than others but it is always present. (Quite interesting considering the "who move my cheese" theory of "what would I do if I wasn't scared?")
Fear of life, or fear of not living, or both which is simply a fucked up situation, it is scary how much fear plays us in life, fear of failure, fear, fear, fear, but fuck what is this concept of fear? Why do we feel it? Do we actually feel it or is it a figment of rationalization, does it come from our instincts or from our ability to consider the different scenarios through logic? This one is hard, I thing I feel fear, but I also create fear from logic, possibilities, probabilities, fuck where am I in all of this. "Fear is the mind killer" quote from "Dune" which I want extend to life killer, soul corruptor, conscience shifter, thoughts molder, and I could go on.
And I’ll stop with the fear, although this is really not the whole picture.
The last one I want to mention if our inability to face what we don't want to know, the extent we go to avoid the recognition of things we know but simply wish we didn't. This is obviously connected to fear, but it is not resumed to it, the need to elude ourselves, to pretend, to dream, to.... one simple question why?
Every one is playing their game, their strategy, their rules, their life, I hate playing my game.... How do you feel about yours?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The tongue theory

Today I want to cover two topics, the first one is the one that gives the topic, the other is simply a regret in the form of a thought or a thought in the form of a regret, you figure it out.
Right today I heard a great theory about the tongue, which I never thought about but it goes well with some of my theories (which ones, well I’ll tell on request only so get more interactive :P).
So the theory states that you should check another person's tongue to check if you are compatible (you are not reading wrong compatibility through tongue :P), so basically if you have a round tongue you will want another person with a similar tongue so you get distributed stimulus in the tongue, but if you have a pointy tongue, then you'll want a tongue that localizes the stimulus to the tip of it. Quite simple if you thing about and it does make sense, so a new line comes to mind for pulling girls, "hey show me your tongue to see if we hit it off" :P or "hey babe, show us some tongue" :P, jokes aside there might be more to this than meets the eye (so thanks for this theory, you know who you are :P).
Theme two is a bit more serious, lost opportunities, or since I like the word, the wasted potential, so the things that potentially might be. Sometimes potential simply passes by without you even realizing it, I mean those are the worst type of situations, not the ones that you pass consciously (although those suck, guilt trips and shit), but the ones you don't clearly see until they are gone. One way or another, you don't make the decision it simply is made due to lack of vision, and that sucks, really not a cool thing. Some things are simply potentials of the realm of utopia, where everything is clear and we due our own mistakes by choice and not by lack of vision. Still one wonders when we see it, what if? Even though time as passed, after all isn't all relative anyway?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plagiarism (with some add-ons)

I woke up in a dream today, to the cold and the static putting my cold feet on the floor forgetting all about yesterday but remembering I’m pretending to be where I’m not anymore, a little taste of hypocrisy and I’m left in the wake of the mistake slow to react even though you’re so close to me you’re still so distant and I can’t bring you back.
I hit you and you hit me back, we fall to the floor and the rest of the day stands still. Fine line between this and that but when things go wrong I pretend that the past isn’t real, I’m trapped in this memory left in the wake of the mistake slow to react and even though you’re so close to me you’re still so distant and I can’t bring you back.
NO, I won’t let you control my fate while I’m holding the weight of the world on my conscience and NO, I won’t just sit here and wait while you weighing options you’re making a fool of me, and NO, you didn’t dare try to say that you don’t care and solemnly swear not to follow me there, FUCK NO, it ain’t like me to beg on my knees, oh, please, oh, baby, please...That’s not how I’m doing things, NO, I’m not upset and NO, I’m not angry I know love is love and sometimes it pains me, with or without you I’ll always be with you and you’ll never forget me, I’m keeping you with me, NO, I won’t let you take me to the end of my rope while you burn it and torture my soul, NO, I’m not your puppet and, no, no, no, I won’t let you go...
No, no matter how far we’ve come, I can’t wait to see tomorrow with you, now I see keeping everything inside and even when I close my eyes it's YOU...

Plagiarism from well the ones that don't know should be ashamed, for all the others, sorry for the changes (even though they are tiny)...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Right so I have to put something into text because it is just too funny not to.
"Potentially I am in love with you" this is the quote of the moment, honestly it is at the level of the famous "I love you" and the answer is "Thank you".
This got me thinking of how defensive we are becoming, with this need to say things without actually saying them, finding ways to justify "potential" feelings or reasons, it is like things can't simply be, they simply might be. The uncertainty of possibilities, no matter how remote, is here as the ultimate weapon for defensive people. Words are the weapon, the tool that allows us to argue around ourselves and others keeping us safe and isolated from the realm of possibility.
As one of the most defensive people I know, I must say this quote impressed me, although I understand the need for it due to the circumstances (which I am not at liberty to reveal) it is still something to think about.
As human beings we have a tendency for self preservation (some people don't, too freakish), but since when does this extend to the realm of what we know as absolute (yes, I know no true absolutes, just individual absolutes)? It is sad that we start to have problems even facing ourselves finding ways around our feelings and emotions.
Sorry this doesn't make too much sense today, my heart is not on it, I am in one of the wondering days, where I can't really crystallize thoughts long enough to express them, you know when you have thoughts that seem simply feelings, random, erratic, unpredictable... Well that is me today, so I think I’ll wrap it up, the main thing is "Potentially" is a nice word for playing around and finding ways around things :P.

Canceled post

Due to reasons beyond my control today's post has been canceled, sorry for any inconvenience, tomorrow's post will be on schedule...

Monday, February 18, 2008


Well one more weekend has passed, a lot I wanted to do, a lot I wanted to change and yet I can't really say this was a different weekend, actually I have to say it wasn't for sure. Sometimes I hate to be right, and I did state "Nobody changes by decree" but I wish we did. The thing is you can see how you want to change and why you need to do it, but this isn't enough, change comes unnoticed and unforeseen, takes you by surprise but only after it happens. It is cause perhaps by need, or maybe just natural evolution of self, pressure has a big role in change, or at least it can have. But change is an abstract concept, we might be talking about different things, for example if I change place (like I did so I do know what I am talking about) that does change you, and it pressures you to change, to adapt to your new reality, but is this real change or simply and adjustment of previously set parameters. I am currently developing a proposal for self learning systems, and it is fascinating how change is one of the most important issues, and how to get the system to adjust, react, learn, and evolve. LOL for me this sounds like human behavior (again behavior is one of the issues for the proposal, but that’s work :P). The thing is we can adjust very easily even though sometimes it seems quite impossible, we do survive and learn and move on, the question is predictive change. Like in intelligent systems, predicting change and adjust to then before hand allows for a quicker and better system, a smother system. Do we have some parallelism here? Well this is for me the "Nobody changes by decree", we can see things but that isn't enough, we need to live them, feel them, flavor the bitter to enjoy the sweet, yet I do feel like I should change taking myself further to where I should be, where I see that I have to go, and even setting baby steps to get there, if I don't feel it, it wont happen, and if you make it happen (done that a few times, dammed manipulative personality at times anyway) you wont feel it and you wont want it in the end. Change of self is not a process, it is a path, you can walk faster or slowly, but you need to walk it, no short cuts or rides, your own pace but you have to walk the path to get to where it leads you, and not just the illusion that you got there.
Time is the best remedy, whatever passes the test of time is real, actually I would say only the things that past the test of time are real, and most things in our lives would never pass it, so why worry about them, who we are does change and thus fails the test of time, probably where we want to go is not where we will end up, or at least it is not where we will stop.
Just some thoughts, I noticed that I have slowly started to divert from these sorts of posts, and honestly I think this is the only sort of post that might be interesting to read, to bash, to agree, to think...
Another nothing on my road to discover pretty much nothing...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Schnuffel Kuschel

LOL, so today I was going to talk about the game and how I play it, and how good I am at it :P, quite serious business, but then I got the song that marks my Chamonix trip. So first the context, in my Hotel the TV was only in French or German, plus CNBC and sky news, anyways I got the German MTV and on the commercials you always had a song to get as a ring tone the Schnuffel Kuschel, at first I was what the fuck is up with the bunny, but this shit grows on you and soon I was trying to sing a German song :P, ridiculous I know... A stupid bunny song, with potential for remixing, try fitting words into the song it is really fun, I am talking too much just check it...

After this, what can I say about life, or game, or whatever, LOLOLOLOLOL.....
LET'S SING THE Schnuffel Kuschel............ (Nop not out of my mind yet, at least not more than usual)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Postponed post

Today I woke up in Nottingham, pretended I didn't, but ended up getting up, went to the office, straight to lunch, had a small discussion about an European project, talk to some people online, someone disappointed me, another should have disappointed me but didn't, talk with some people over the mobile throughout the day, nothing major there, except for one that made my day, in a good way, unfortunately it wasn't enough.
I didn't want to post anything today, I still want to talk about Chamonix but can't at the moment, not because of anything bad, but due to numbness and to the realization that soon I need to face this beautiful lie, which was the original title of this, but will have to wait, not ready for that yet.
Regardless numb day will pass tomorrow by force, so perhaps the will to write comes with that, if not I am afraid you will be ready a lot more nothings than usual.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back from Chamonix

Hey, I'm back to Nottingham, anyways it was a good trip, work wise and holiday wise, very cool place, expensive as fuck, but all in all pretty good. Not saying much, as usual I am tired so I leave you with one of the photos of the place, hopefully tomorrow I write something during the day to compensate for the week off, and to summarize it :P

Thursday, February 7, 2008

If it can go wrong...

... it will go wrong, I am pissed with my mp3 player stop working due to software on the day before I go to Chamonix, really not cool.
Anyways I am going to Chamonix so no posts for a week, on the bright side I’ll share pictures when I get back, so I’ll try to tell about what happened there. For now nothing much to say, had a day that can be described as "if it can go wrong, it will go wrong" oh well better days will come, I can't be depressed I am going to Chamonix for a week, and all I need to do is a 30 minutes presentation, seems like a pretty good deal :P
Anyways I’ll leave you guys with my song of the moment, because I still have a document to finish and a bag to pack so cheers and see you in a week.

Great sound, great lyric, simply GREAT...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"The right state of your mind"

Today I went to a concert and for the first time in my life the main band wasn't the reason I was there. The main band was whoever, basically a cross between a punk band and Irish music, they reminded me of something a dear friend once told me, "those who can't play make noise", which in this case wasn't true, I could see they can play, but they aren't good enough creatively which will give wings for me to right a post about people that have the technique but not the genius.
Anyways I was there to see Mad Caddies which I heard about 2 weeks ago through a friend that convinced me to go with him to the concert. First time I heard it was ok, nice sound, cheerful, interesting (and I know the word means nothing, but I was curious). They are good live, the songs work better with their performance, it's like a cross between jazz, folk and punk, but nothing really stands out. The thing is I don't understand how a band like this could be playing support for a punk band, honestly it makes no sense, they are good beyond just technique. Anyways wanted to share with you one of their songs, hope you like it.
One needs the right state of mind for everything in life, including going to a concert with a lot of freaks around :P.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is my first movie review online, and I feel the urge to do it.
Let's start with how I came to see this movie, if you can't call it that, but moving on, so a friend of mine told me about this awesome movie that is coming out a few weeks ago, I was like cool we'll see it when it comes out. Today he told me lets go and see it today otherwise we wont have a chance to (we are going to a conference this week), so I said ok.
THE FUCKING WORST MOVIE I SEEN IN A LONG TIME and I see pretty shitty movies. OK that is a bit much, but come on at least when I see a shitty movie I expect it to be shit, this is like the a shitty movie under the umbrella of pseudo intellectuals idiots that call it awesome, like if it is different it has to be good. Fuck that it doesn't and it isn't. The movie is a story kind of like Godzilla, told in a Blair witch project kind of way, which reminds FUCK this stupid concept if I want to see amateur movies I’ll watch them on youtube. Wait let me be fair special effects are brilliant, sound is up there with the visual effects, that is the ones you can see since it is from a FUCKING portable camera's perspective.
The story line is at minimum ridiculous, meaning unrealistic, acting is so so, sometimes ridiculously bad, the camera is like the super camera, I would like to buy one like that it is literally indestructible, all in all a AWFUL movie.
Normally I would be open to new perspectives in movies, but this is not new, it simply mixes some concepts and turns out a shit movie.
And you should read some of the stuff people write about it, my friend told me to look it up, honestly people should get a brain of their own and maybe use it.
If this is what an intellectual type likes, I would rather be called a stupid fuck. There is more I could say about it, but I’ll finish with it is 85 minutes long, even porn last longer than that, and honestly I’ve seen better porn than this shit.
If you see it PLEASE, PLEASE COMMENT, especially if you disagree with me because I would like to personally KICK YOU IN THE FACE.

P.S. - For the comments saying it is an intense movie, intense is my head ache after it...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Going with the flow of keys

Hey series of zeros and ones, turn into reality by the tailoring of electric signals.
the coherence of science is probably the thing that draws me to it, not that you understand everything, like most non science people think, but that quest for the fact that everything has a reason, even if we can't see it, we aim for that, the enlightenment, the understanding that is what drives us, the need to understand. Maybe not the need but the will, that sounds a bit more appropriate.
Life in the general concept of my life, or your for that matter, has a tendency for thinking it goes beyond mere definition, we like to think there is no mathematical interval that can state life is in there, we don't feel it, thus we don't tend to apply logic on things we don't feel, that would be a waste of energy :P.
Of course this is not true, we indeed do put logic to life, normally other people's life, our own not so much, not that comfortable :P.
Bringing science into the field of life is one of those things that really pisses me off, yet I seem to be one of those people that actually does it regardless of being a waste of energy.
Science and life, chaos theory on life that makes sense right? Ok maybe I should say something about this theory; it states the randomness of things, the unpredictability of things due to too many variables. One of the famous quotes for this one is “the flapping of butterfly wings can case a tornado on the other side of the world" and perhaps it can, that is the beauty of this theory, allow for practically anything. It's the loophole that science found to counter the unpredictive factors, fucking awesome if you ask me, instead of saying we have a problem let's try and find the case, one would say well fuck it, next time around it will probably work :P.
This would be cool on life (I bet you thought I was going somewhere else with this talk about life and science, and indeed I was, but the words when this way who am I to judge then), you go up to a girl and say "hello beautiful", if it doesn't work, instead of over thinking, why not chaos theory, next time will work :P.
It is quite funny how we can see this behavior in nature, of animals trying to do what they know works, even if the variables change, the ability to adapt depends on the power to assess the situation, a fly will try to go through a close window, regardless of how many times it fails, or animal that comes back for food after the supply stops. We feel comfort on what we know, and sometimes we questions and test what we know, but only to collect the data and reassess or position, better to think and then act.
Question that I raise is this, is it better to hit the glass of the window once, learn from it and be trapped or keep trying for what you know is there but can't reach? I mean isn't the window going to open eventually? Or quoting chaos theory, eventually we can go through the glass; it is a matter of odds :P

tiny balance

Hey whoever, did my shopping, not too bad this time, moved along through another day, a fucking cold day I might add.
I am thinking of what I’ve been putting up in this blog, not sure it is the right recipe for the intended objectives, since these have a tendency to become blurred by life.
Anyways it's been over a month since I start this, and I am quite proud that I manages to keep it up, nothing new there since one of my main characteristics is to me proud :P. Joking a side I managed to put simple posts to complex posts about myself (although in abstract, still it is an achievement). Lately I’ve been reluctant to put up my feelings, since I am not doing it I’ll at least say why.
At a certain point I simply close down my thought lines, not shutting them down (Unfortunately I can't), but my adding damage control thoughts that incapacitate finishing the thought lines, translating: I simply over think things to the point of uncertainty. This enables the possibility of logic taking control, thus limiting the amount of information that I communicate out. It sounds complex but it isn't, basically I shut myself out, but not really because I couldn't argue doing so :P.
It is always about the balance between what works and what you allow yourself to do, conscious is a dam thing at times, but I always give a chance to the unexpected, if it appears. (Or so I tell myself :P)
Anyways might be going into these abstract thinking one of these days, but I am afraid of not being able to make sense of them in written text, still I’ll try, as I’ve been trying, I think all of you give me at least that.
That is about it, hope you liked it so far and that you keep reading, otherwise I write for myself, which a came to re-realize is not a bad thing ;P

Friday, February 1, 2008

Simple post

Today I have a very simple post based on my lunch time conversation, so a friend of mine was telling me that she needs to buy a gift for a simple girl that is turning 30. I immediately said a cat :P, I mean come on she will need it right? Anyways thought that was funny enough for a post, honestly the highly of my day, in a very sarcastic day I might add.
Tomorrow is a shopping day for me, can you feel the excitement? Well that is because there isn't any, regardless what has to be done...
I want to finish with a thought lets see if I get inspired to write a good one, I wouldn’t count on.
Can we borrow today from tomorrow and give it back tomorrow to yesterday? (If it doesn't make sense probably it doesn't...)

Back to basics?

Hey, today I oversleep in the morning, nothing too impressive about that. Has I was going to the office, just after lunch I realized that this is my preferred schedule, again nothing new, but that got me thinking about it.
Productivity is a complex thing, and it is lower if you work regularly outside of your schedule, I am a night person, I have no problems postponing sleep, I have problems waking up. Regardless of this, which is off topic, this got me thinking of my university days back in Portugal, and how productive I became in the last years, and the reasons behind it... and just like that I realized something, this is not the first time that I find myself wondering for a path, what did I do before?
Well here is the back to basics theory, do you think you can't control your mind from wondering around about topics you can't do anything about? Well I like to say you can't control, but I did learn this tinny little secret that states the opposite.
Basic principle, don't give leeway for these thoughts, easier said than done I know...
To achieve this you need to complement physical exhaustion and mental concentration, meaning when you can't concentrate destroy yourself physically, that will shut you down, when coming around forcing yourself to think about what you want, something challenging (work is appropriate), even when your mind wonders pull it back, with the physical exhaustion you will soon focus on what you choose. The trick is not to question this method, not to challenge it, that would give leeway for your thoughts.
To see if you are succeeding there is a simple test, you have to be too exhausted to care about what you are watching when you take a break.
The advice is simple, when you have nothing else to do, do the things that others think are important, this way you are always busy, less time to think, less leeway...(But keep doing what you like doing, that is key for your sanity)
This doesn't really solve the problems, just give Time time to do its thing, and you get the bonus doing more work, never hurts your life... like the song goes "Don't worry about the future, or worry but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum", so why not the basics?