Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is my first movie review online, and I feel the urge to do it.
Let's start with how I came to see this movie, if you can't call it that, but moving on, so a friend of mine told me about this awesome movie that is coming out a few weeks ago, I was like cool we'll see it when it comes out. Today he told me lets go and see it today otherwise we wont have a chance to (we are going to a conference this week), so I said ok.
THE FUCKING WORST MOVIE I SEEN IN A LONG TIME and I see pretty shitty movies. OK that is a bit much, but come on at least when I see a shitty movie I expect it to be shit, this is like the a shitty movie under the umbrella of pseudo intellectuals idiots that call it awesome, like if it is different it has to be good. Fuck that it doesn't and it isn't. The movie is a story kind of like Godzilla, told in a Blair witch project kind of way, which reminds FUCK this stupid concept if I want to see amateur movies I’ll watch them on youtube. Wait let me be fair special effects are brilliant, sound is up there with the visual effects, that is the ones you can see since it is from a FUCKING portable camera's perspective.
The story line is at minimum ridiculous, meaning unrealistic, acting is so so, sometimes ridiculously bad, the camera is like the super camera, I would like to buy one like that it is literally indestructible, all in all a AWFUL movie.
Normally I would be open to new perspectives in movies, but this is not new, it simply mixes some concepts and turns out a shit movie.
And you should read some of the stuff people write about it, my friend told me to look it up, honestly people should get a brain of their own and maybe use it.
If this is what an intellectual type likes, I would rather be called a stupid fuck. There is more I could say about it, but I’ll finish with it is 85 minutes long, even porn last longer than that, and honestly I’ve seen better porn than this shit.
If you see it PLEASE, PLEASE COMMENT, especially if you disagree with me because I would like to personally KICK YOU IN THE FACE.

P.S. - For the comments saying it is an intense movie, intense is my head ache after it...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, your comment on Cloverfield was pretty interesting. HOwever, i find that your comment is a really good superficial attempt to commemmorate what I and other millions of moviefans would say is a monster film of great quality, better than you're quick attempt of realizing that its a copy of Godzilla, sighhhhhhh. The movie should be recognized for its deeper attempt to break convention. IT is not a monster movie, that is its essence, so why are we still comparing it to godzilla. It is a movie about people's lives and a personal take on people when put under certain pressure. And as for the movie being filmed from a video camera and about how you find it awkward, hey if you know that its a movie about a documentary style film, then why did you go watch it? okay, im sorry if I came off abit offensive, have a great day!