Friday, February 1, 2008

Simple post

Today I have a very simple post based on my lunch time conversation, so a friend of mine was telling me that she needs to buy a gift for a simple girl that is turning 30. I immediately said a cat :P, I mean come on she will need it right? Anyways thought that was funny enough for a post, honestly the highly of my day, in a very sarcastic day I might add.
Tomorrow is a shopping day for me, can you feel the excitement? Well that is because there isn't any, regardless what has to be done...
I want to finish with a thought lets see if I get inspired to write a good one, I wouldn’t count on.
Can we borrow today from tomorrow and give it back tomorrow to yesterday? (If it doesn't make sense probably it doesn't...)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Offering a cat as a present? Man you really know how to pick them.

That's plain cruel but in a way funny.