Friday, February 1, 2008

Back to basics?

Hey, today I oversleep in the morning, nothing too impressive about that. Has I was going to the office, just after lunch I realized that this is my preferred schedule, again nothing new, but that got me thinking about it.
Productivity is a complex thing, and it is lower if you work regularly outside of your schedule, I am a night person, I have no problems postponing sleep, I have problems waking up. Regardless of this, which is off topic, this got me thinking of my university days back in Portugal, and how productive I became in the last years, and the reasons behind it... and just like that I realized something, this is not the first time that I find myself wondering for a path, what did I do before?
Well here is the back to basics theory, do you think you can't control your mind from wondering around about topics you can't do anything about? Well I like to say you can't control, but I did learn this tinny little secret that states the opposite.
Basic principle, don't give leeway for these thoughts, easier said than done I know...
To achieve this you need to complement physical exhaustion and mental concentration, meaning when you can't concentrate destroy yourself physically, that will shut you down, when coming around forcing yourself to think about what you want, something challenging (work is appropriate), even when your mind wonders pull it back, with the physical exhaustion you will soon focus on what you choose. The trick is not to question this method, not to challenge it, that would give leeway for your thoughts.
To see if you are succeeding there is a simple test, you have to be too exhausted to care about what you are watching when you take a break.
The advice is simple, when you have nothing else to do, do the things that others think are important, this way you are always busy, less time to think, less leeway...(But keep doing what you like doing, that is key for your sanity)
This doesn't really solve the problems, just give Time time to do its thing, and you get the bonus doing more work, never hurts your life... like the song goes "Don't worry about the future, or worry but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum", so why not the basics?

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