Saturday, February 16, 2008

Postponed post

Today I woke up in Nottingham, pretended I didn't, but ended up getting up, went to the office, straight to lunch, had a small discussion about an European project, talk to some people online, someone disappointed me, another should have disappointed me but didn't, talk with some people over the mobile throughout the day, nothing major there, except for one that made my day, in a good way, unfortunately it wasn't enough.
I didn't want to post anything today, I still want to talk about Chamonix but can't at the moment, not because of anything bad, but due to numbness and to the realization that soon I need to face this beautiful lie, which was the original title of this, but will have to wait, not ready for that yet.
Regardless numb day will pass tomorrow by force, so perhaps the will to write comes with that, if not I am afraid you will be ready a lot more nothings than usual.

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