Sunday, February 24, 2008

The anchors

Hey, so I really don't want to write shit today, but I did have an interesting conversation with a friend which produced what I am relaying (hopefully at least).
Tell me something that defines your life? What was it that came to mind? A person? A characteristic? An event? Whatever it was, ask yourself this, is it an anchor to who you are? Is it a thing that binds you to the existence that you have?
This is the main question, how many things are in your life that is a pillar of who you are? Don’t rush to answer it is quite a trick question if you think about, for example friends, are they an ancorr to who you are? Well in a way for sure, but they don't bind you to who you are, the whole definition of friend is no matter what they are there, if you move, if you change, the thing do friends help to define or describe you? (This goes beyond my original thought, cool :D)
The point that I wanted to make is, how many things bind you to the life you have now? And notice I used the word bind to give enfaces. I can think of one for me, my mom, so here is a tribute to her, awesome woman to whom I pretty much owe who I am.
The thing is, if we have little things binding us to our lives, honestly how many of you can really say your job is binding you? Isn’t it a social imposition that we have to take advantage of our potential thus having a good job? I guess my question was can we change?
Honestly I don't think so, but due to the anchors in our life, even one makes the difference, and honestly you should think about yours to give then the relevance they deserve, after all you are only where you are due to this binding.

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