Monday, February 18, 2008


Well one more weekend has passed, a lot I wanted to do, a lot I wanted to change and yet I can't really say this was a different weekend, actually I have to say it wasn't for sure. Sometimes I hate to be right, and I did state "Nobody changes by decree" but I wish we did. The thing is you can see how you want to change and why you need to do it, but this isn't enough, change comes unnoticed and unforeseen, takes you by surprise but only after it happens. It is cause perhaps by need, or maybe just natural evolution of self, pressure has a big role in change, or at least it can have. But change is an abstract concept, we might be talking about different things, for example if I change place (like I did so I do know what I am talking about) that does change you, and it pressures you to change, to adapt to your new reality, but is this real change or simply and adjustment of previously set parameters. I am currently developing a proposal for self learning systems, and it is fascinating how change is one of the most important issues, and how to get the system to adjust, react, learn, and evolve. LOL for me this sounds like human behavior (again behavior is one of the issues for the proposal, but that’s work :P). The thing is we can adjust very easily even though sometimes it seems quite impossible, we do survive and learn and move on, the question is predictive change. Like in intelligent systems, predicting change and adjust to then before hand allows for a quicker and better system, a smother system. Do we have some parallelism here? Well this is for me the "Nobody changes by decree", we can see things but that isn't enough, we need to live them, feel them, flavor the bitter to enjoy the sweet, yet I do feel like I should change taking myself further to where I should be, where I see that I have to go, and even setting baby steps to get there, if I don't feel it, it wont happen, and if you make it happen (done that a few times, dammed manipulative personality at times anyway) you wont feel it and you wont want it in the end. Change of self is not a process, it is a path, you can walk faster or slowly, but you need to walk it, no short cuts or rides, your own pace but you have to walk the path to get to where it leads you, and not just the illusion that you got there.
Time is the best remedy, whatever passes the test of time is real, actually I would say only the things that past the test of time are real, and most things in our lives would never pass it, so why worry about them, who we are does change and thus fails the test of time, probably where we want to go is not where we will end up, or at least it is not where we will stop.
Just some thoughts, I noticed that I have slowly started to divert from these sorts of posts, and honestly I think this is the only sort of post that might be interesting to read, to bash, to agree, to think...
Another nothing on my road to discover pretty much nothing...

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