Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Right so I have to put something into text because it is just too funny not to.
"Potentially I am in love with you" this is the quote of the moment, honestly it is at the level of the famous "I love you" and the answer is "Thank you".
This got me thinking of how defensive we are becoming, with this need to say things without actually saying them, finding ways to justify "potential" feelings or reasons, it is like things can't simply be, they simply might be. The uncertainty of possibilities, no matter how remote, is here as the ultimate weapon for defensive people. Words are the weapon, the tool that allows us to argue around ourselves and others keeping us safe and isolated from the realm of possibility.
As one of the most defensive people I know, I must say this quote impressed me, although I understand the need for it due to the circumstances (which I am not at liberty to reveal) it is still something to think about.
As human beings we have a tendency for self preservation (some people don't, too freakish), but since when does this extend to the realm of what we know as absolute (yes, I know no true absolutes, just individual absolutes)? It is sad that we start to have problems even facing ourselves finding ways around our feelings and emotions.
Sorry this doesn't make too much sense today, my heart is not on it, I am in one of the wondering days, where I can't really crystallize thoughts long enough to express them, you know when you have thoughts that seem simply feelings, random, erratic, unpredictable... Well that is me today, so I think I’ll wrap it up, the main thing is "Potentially" is a nice word for playing around and finding ways around things :P.

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