Sunday, February 24, 2008


Tears of the mind, for some of the soul, the purity of thought, the balance of existence, the touch of your inner deepness. Thoughts of silent rage, of pure energy of hate, the inability to distinguish feelings, the purest prove of existence, in the mist of the void there's you. Feelings are beyond the real, impacting our material existence, our logical assumptions, and our need for definitions. Defining beyond the real, we lose our sanities, creating a hole in our soul, maintaining this conflict of being.
What the fuck am I talking about, should not post any of this shit, since it doesn't even make sense to me, just random sentences... Anyways I was about to delete them but I figure it defeats the purpose of the blog. Besides I don't really thing people will bother about it.
During next week the address of the blog goes into my msn, so the hour of releasing it to the world is here. Shouldn't make any difference since the people I did expect to feedback have it already, but lack the action either to read or to reply, which is kind of disappointing... Well at least it defeats the argument you don't share things, what's the point of sharing, "quid pro quo"... That is one of my favorite quotes ever, and I do get something out of it besides the ability to argue, I gain a record for myself, I guess I am analyzing the existence of the blog.
The name was well chosen, I am going toward nothing, literally, but if that changes well it still fits. Really don't want to write shit today.
I am going to watch a movie that I have a feeling will be the topic of tomorrow, and hopefully will change something of today, I’ll keep you posted.
One quote I liked from today "Instead of making plans for your life, plan to be surprised" it wasn't exactly this but you get the general idea.
Sorry for this post...


Luis said...

To some people those initial sentences make pure sense. Probably to people who are emotional, romantic or so...

There is nothing wrong with that, or maybe there is... don't know yet.

i said...

Responding to this line: "...Shouldn't make any difference since the people I did expect to feedback have it already, but lack the action either to read or to reply, which is kind of disappointing..."
I am sorry if I never wrote anything earlier. My previous job with all its work, along with all of my life emotional roller coaster had left me no energy to focus and write, practically on anything. I have no energy to just sit and think and contemplate, and I guess no emotional space left as well to contain the excess of having an argument or contemplating :p But so you know, I did read, from time to time. I might missed several posts or just scheme it fast on crazy days.. but I did. In fact, I'm glad that you decided to do this as your new year's resolution. Congratulations, if I never said it before.
But dude, seriously... I really love reading all of these notes of yours. Let me keep reading and I'll write back when my situation permits ;)
love you loads and be good,