Sunday, February 3, 2008

Going with the flow of keys

Hey series of zeros and ones, turn into reality by the tailoring of electric signals.
the coherence of science is probably the thing that draws me to it, not that you understand everything, like most non science people think, but that quest for the fact that everything has a reason, even if we can't see it, we aim for that, the enlightenment, the understanding that is what drives us, the need to understand. Maybe not the need but the will, that sounds a bit more appropriate.
Life in the general concept of my life, or your for that matter, has a tendency for thinking it goes beyond mere definition, we like to think there is no mathematical interval that can state life is in there, we don't feel it, thus we don't tend to apply logic on things we don't feel, that would be a waste of energy :P.
Of course this is not true, we indeed do put logic to life, normally other people's life, our own not so much, not that comfortable :P.
Bringing science into the field of life is one of those things that really pisses me off, yet I seem to be one of those people that actually does it regardless of being a waste of energy.
Science and life, chaos theory on life that makes sense right? Ok maybe I should say something about this theory; it states the randomness of things, the unpredictability of things due to too many variables. One of the famous quotes for this one is “the flapping of butterfly wings can case a tornado on the other side of the world" and perhaps it can, that is the beauty of this theory, allow for practically anything. It's the loophole that science found to counter the unpredictive factors, fucking awesome if you ask me, instead of saying we have a problem let's try and find the case, one would say well fuck it, next time around it will probably work :P.
This would be cool on life (I bet you thought I was going somewhere else with this talk about life and science, and indeed I was, but the words when this way who am I to judge then), you go up to a girl and say "hello beautiful", if it doesn't work, instead of over thinking, why not chaos theory, next time will work :P.
It is quite funny how we can see this behavior in nature, of animals trying to do what they know works, even if the variables change, the ability to adapt depends on the power to assess the situation, a fly will try to go through a close window, regardless of how many times it fails, or animal that comes back for food after the supply stops. We feel comfort on what we know, and sometimes we questions and test what we know, but only to collect the data and reassess or position, better to think and then act.
Question that I raise is this, is it better to hit the glass of the window once, learn from it and be trapped or keep trying for what you know is there but can't reach? I mean isn't the window going to open eventually? Or quoting chaos theory, eventually we can go through the glass; it is a matter of odds :P

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