Thursday, February 26, 2009

Setting up JADE in Netbeans... Extention: starting up agents.

So today a very quick technical post. This is intended as extra information on:
So if you want to run the agents when the platform begins it is quite simple and it would be step 11.

Step 11. On the arguments where you have "-gui" add "NameForYourAgent:packageName.AgentClass". So my agent name is pedro, in "project" package and helloAgent class this would look something like "-gui pedro:project.helloAgent"

Step 12. Run and test.

Next post I'll describe how to interface with Protégé, I just don't do it here, for title purposes and also lack of time today. Hope this is somewhat useful.


Anonymous said...

hi , taht information on how setup jade with netbeans was a very usefull to me . as i was have three moonths working and figuring out that pont . i hope you give as more information on how to run agent and messaging .


Tresor said...

Thanks for this tuto. It was very helpfull.

Tresor said...

But what about the mobility of agents? how to create another container on a different host and to register it with the main container

Pedro Ferreira said...

The best way to test it out is to set up an agent platform on another computer by hand. So if you have it running in netbeans, you can just copy the "dist" folder and run based on the command line instructions there. Then you need to run it on the other machine as well. To achieve mobility is simple you just use the move methods as long as the two platforms are connected. I did not sleep today, so this might not make sense, let me know exactly what is your intention and I might be able to help :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks man ! Perfecto .