Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today I was going to shed some light into the terminology of my previous post, so that people that aren't from the field understand it. But yesterday I saw the movie Blindness and it screams for a review...
This movie is based on a book from a the Nobel prize winner José Saramago. This might be relevant if the movie is faithful to the book, for this review I will assume it is, if it is not please tell me. So if this assumption is false I would consider reading the book, if not NO CHANCE.
The movie is based on a good idea, which had potential or so I thought, but I am getting ahead of myself. So in the idea is what if a strange illness started to infect everyone in the world, and turning almost everybody blind. What would happen? How would people react towards the infected? How would society react to this lack of vision? How would the non-blind use their non-blindness? What about the ones that were blind to begin with, would they adjust better? Well if you feel puzzled by this questions, you understand how I felt when I first heard about the movie, thus I wanted to watch it.
The problem was I didn't give a second thought to who wrote the story, and basically I ended up watching a idiotic view of what would happen, based on the preconceptions of a very left wing mind. Yes this author is a communist, I have a lot respect for him because I heard his writing is quite good, but fuck are the concepts stupid. The absence of the individual from the whole story, this view of the group without the understanding of the individual. The story is random, you find yourself questioning the mind of the author, isn't it obvious what the person should do? Well apparently not, you see people doing things that they don't need to do, things happen with no explanation, I mean a really bad movie. I had a lot of respect for this director, but honestly I was shocked with the whole thing, mostly because the potential for a very good movie was there, the idea is good the execution is a utter waste of time. As a simple example of the stupidity of the movie, in one scene the guy just saved his wife from a mob of people, they got away with food, they hadn't eaten in days, and he goes back for clothes that he forgot, bear in mind half the people in the city where dead and their house was nearby. How stupid can you be I thought, and then she stays behind and gets in the church because it started raining. And then, she sees (yes she is one of the people that can see) all the saints were blindfolded, which is utterly stupid just by itself, I mean I am blind what can I do, lets put blindfolds on the saints? Why? And most importantly how? You are fucking blind! But the icing on the cake was even the glass images in the windows also had the eyes of the saints covered. WHAT THE FUCK. Anyways, I don't advise this movie, unless for demonstrating how you destroy a good idea.


Anonymous said...

hahaha sounds very silly - thanks for the advice, i definitely won't be watching that one :p
sarah x

Dentinho Afiado said...

Um dos livros que está na pilha "a ler". Depois digo-te.