Wednesday, February 25, 2009

University challenge...

This is a post I and intended to write yesterday but got delayed, anyway on Monday I caught on TV this show called University challenge. Until here nothing strange besides the fact that I normally don't watch regular TV.
So this a quiz show where teams from different universities battle out their knowledge. My first reaction to this was nice idea, but what sort of questions do they ask? Well from my brief understanding all sorts, including things like who won the silver medal on the 84 Olympic games for darts or whatever. The funny thing is that the freaks on the game show actually know this shit :P.
I mean who know this stuff, you can know one or two trivia for whatever reason but these people seem they memorized the whole encyclopaedia. Like someone in the room said they don't have a life.
This was a very humbling experience, since I actually felt quite stupid while watching. Which raises the question why do people watch it? To know how dumb they are? Seems stupid... Then again I also watched it so what does that say about me :P.
Nevertheless on the following day, I notice by watching it online that the speed of the questions is one of the issues, the guy speaks quite fast, and the tension, so well I am posting also a video, you make up your own mind. Are they freaks with no life, or just fast thinking regular university people. Honestly I am doing a PhD and it was humbling, but scary ;P...

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ganda said...

I guess the bigger buzz about this case is that the girl from oxford answered most of the question by herself... weird!

Some people say that she is a witch... is will be burn soon :)