Thursday, January 3, 2008

The more important your cheese is to you, the more you want to hold on to it

Hello again, another day another post. So today’s topic is a quote from the book "who moved my cheese", a sad realization but still quite true.
First I should introduce the concept of cheese from the book, for those that haven't read it yet, and I do hope you read it soon. Cheese is the symbol for what you wish the most, your goal, the things that make you happy in life. The thing is, my life has lots of different types of cheese, as does everyone else's, I expect, as a selfish being I sometimes tend to think I am different, when in fact probably I am not. Regardless it is funny how we try to find ways to hold on to our cheese, not the right time for a conversation, not enough time, I am probably exaggerating, there surely must be another way... and so on, funny thing is, we know these are excuses, and not even for the world, I find myself finding excuses to justify my actions to myself, which seems senseless. Fact is the next lesson in the book asks us "what would I do if I wasn't afraid?", this is the real reason behind all of the bullshit we come up to hold on to our cheese, FEAR, and fuck it is scary to think about what might happen to us if we loose the last portion of something we hold so dear. Isn't it just self preservation? Well it is and it isn't, something you can't face will never bring you your cheese, yet by not doing it you might have the constant hope of cheese, and never really getting it. If this is enough, for me it isn't, and as such I want something real and not some bullshit concept of cheese that I know in my heart is not enough, I want the whole cheese, actually I WANT ALL MY CHEESE, but I do need to deserve it, work for it, and complete myself in this trip, or fail trying...

Joke of the day and I swear it was quite natural, and I was kidding :P:
Me: Stupid woman driving doesn't know where to go.
Girl: Not woman, old woman.
Me: No I really meant woman :P
Girl: No, some women drive quite well.
Me: So? Some monkeys know how to count :P

Hope you enjoyed it ;)

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