Sunday, January 27, 2008


The band, I was going to talk about being sick, but honestly I can't be bother, in a short sequence of words, body hurts, feel bad :P. Physical pain is hard but nowadays, one can really complain when he gets sick, with all the measures in place, rarely is something.
So I am listening to garbage, nothing new here, I did it before Christmas, but when my hard drive burned I kind of let it slip from memory. I did remember to include one on the Christmas CD (I record a CD every year and give it to some people).
Don't want to talk much, just have this song from the past that I choose to share, like the song of what I felt years ago... And the funny part is I still do... Time changes us, but does it change our feelings?
Anyways great beat, and WHEN I GROW UP I'LL TURN THE TABLES :P

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kat_isa said...

very funny ...
my own language maybe lol...