Thursday, January 10, 2008

Casualties of circumstance

Casualties of circumstance, seems a pretty straightforward topic, we all have been victims of circumstances, may that be on having to make decisions based on then, or just suffered the consequences of others doing the same.
This topic came into my mind after I meet a colleague of mine from the 5 grade to the 8 grade, she failed in the 8 grade and I moved along. We use to hang out in the same group of friends, even in the 9 grade; she was and is perfectly nice person. Yet I found myself the other day saying something I thought only old people say, "Uau it's been like 10 years since I last saw you", which made me realize how old I am, and I still think of myself as a kid. Regardless I got to thinking of how you lose track with people in life.
I know it is "normal" for that to happen, but come on normal? Why the fuck is it normal? People change, they move on, they meet other people, but still I couldn't help but feel this weirdness about the situation. I mean it is happen to me before, you see the people you haven't seen in a while (10 years was the first :P) and you always say stuff like “we should get together for a cup of coffee", but you never really pick up the phone to do so. Not because you don't want to, sometime latter you remember I should ask them for a cup of coffee, but because you didn’t do it straight away, you feel weird to invite them after some time. And when you see them again you feel guilty and it starts all over again. I mean, we can all see what we are doing, we don't like it, but keep on doing it, and the question is why?
Is it because we like to think of ourselves as good people and as such, we can't say that we made the decision of letting go of these people long ago? I mean it sounds harsh, but think about it, if you really wanted to keep in touch with them, wouldn't you be able to?
The strange thing is by not taking charge of this "decision" of ours, we are able to reassess the situation, people do change, and sometimes circumstances bring people back together, the "resurrection" of the casualties of circumstance. So don't be too hasty assuming that you let go of people ;P.
Still I wondered about all the casualties of circumstance in my life, and realized, fuck, a lot of great people... So here is my tribute to them, because I do feel that I shouldn’t have lost them, but I know in reason there was no other way. Things must be destroyed to open way for new things, it is hash but true, and this is not news for anybody, but still...

Thinking of this open the Pandora’s Box of extrapolation, what about the people that you keep beyond circumstances, the ones you go out of your way to keep in your world. The ones you want to keep beyond time itself, are those in jeopardy? Logically they are, but as humans we are not just cutting our loses, we fight against the inevitable, and strangely enough, with results.
The compromises we make towards this are nothing compared to the feeling of the rewards, sounds quite lame I admit, but doesn't make it any less real.

Finally I wanted to talk about a thought about circumstances.
When circumstances collide with our feelings, how do we deal with this? Ask yourself, reason vs. feelings, the age old battle for finding our true self. Thing is I am a men, or boy :P, of reason, I use it, and abuse it. But always to be able to validate what I feel :P. But that is me, thing is, sometimes it can't be done, what to do then? You can make yourself believe in logic, which is the weakness of logic, being so believable :P. But you know inside what is true. You can fight against the feelings accepting them as part of you, but not the whole you, after all you are so much more than just what you feel, right? You can say screw logic I feel what I feel dammed with the consequences, I’ll do what I feel is right. You can find other feelings to try and fight the feelings that go against the logic; this one is quite appealing I must say it combines logic and feelings, what can be more perfect? ... The truth? ... maybe ... guess most of us will never know, after all how many aren't scared of going against circumstances?? And of these, how long will they last fighting against the current?

P.S. - as this is a big post, I am relieving myself of writing another post :P

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