Saturday, January 26, 2008


Since this blog is a pos New Year thing, I still haven't talked about the wonders of shopping, something that I think about in abundance around Christmas, and unfortunately a few other times throughout the year (in smaller manner :D).
As you know I am currently living in the UK, and here Saturday is like ant day out, what this means is all the ants go out from there hole towards... wait for it... wait for it... SHOPPING, I wonder what happens in people's brains to waste a day looking at shit, even when you need it, seriously it’s like they thrive on it and the more the merrier.
Today due to need, I went out of my hole against my better judgment, meet up some people in town although I was late, and this is the only situation where I couldn't care less about being late. Regardless of this, a curious episode happen, so I was searching for a ski jacket with Thomas, me no luck, but he found one that he liked a lot but a small problem, one of the zippers got recursively stuck. We went to try and solve it, bla bla bla, when he was thinking should I take it or not, 3 guys start following him, as soon as he puts it down, they where like wild animals that haven't ate in weeks. Honestly, WHAT THE FUCK, and they where guys, I mean how sad can you be.
Personally I hate shopping, if I do it for over two hours, I start sweating, really stressed, especially with a lot of people around, so I go for coffee, or whatever but being in a shopping environment for over a certain period of time is unthinkable.
Going back home I was thinking, do people really need that many stuff to fill up all shops in town, and notice it is not a special time, sales are almost over, no Christmas, what is the excuse?
I know about the bullshit (and don't take this word the wrong way, all is bullshit) that tells us we live in a consumers society, but the question remains, why is this?
I like to have stuff as much as the other guy, I like going for a new mobile, playing with, buy a good book, etc. This means I do shop, but I don't go shopping for the sake of finding something I’d like, it comes out of needs like, need to read something, or mobile is dead, or need a pair of jeans. This means nothing, so how come the streets are full, is everybody else so different?
The thing that concerns me more is, don't they have better things to do? It is like for some this is the only way to interact in society, to feel like they belong to something. I thought about this one ages ago, have we gone so deep into loneliness that shopping is a way to feel part of society, what goes through peoples heads? "At least I talk with the sales person!” I really hope not, this is way too sad.
It can also be the ant effect, the tendency to follow crowds, if everybody does it we should join. There are some studies that show this strange group effect behavior, where people willingly give up their individuality to act as a group. If that is the case, please, please, find a new group to follow...
Regardless of this, I have to report I haven't bought the stupid jacket, so I’ll have to pass another day of this misery, hopefully the ski will be worth it.
STOP SHOPPING for no reason, stay home watch a movie, you'll learn more...

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