Sunday, January 6, 2008

Take your time to breath

Taking a walk by the ocean one can truly inhale the smell of the forces around, the ocean is an example of patient strength, not always calm but always patient. The coherence of the waves, not in strength or anger, which simple reflects the ocean’s mood, but their direction, always clear in a never ending attempt to reach the unreachable. Is it all in vain? I think they have their victories, like we say in Portugal, soft water hitting hard rock in time will go through the rock, but the wisdom of the waves is beyond this, they do what they feel it is right, what they are meant to do, in a clear simplicity of not overcomplicating their place in the world, and the result is pure beauty. A beauty for all the complex humans to appreciate in their quest for understanding their place in the world.

Take your time to find your way, breath and look around, learn from the past, live the present and hope for the future, things are as complex as you make them.

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