Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The simple life...

Have you ever considered quitting your life? Not on the suicide kind of way, quit your state in life, start from scratch, but literally from scratch. Don't get me wrong I don't mean cut off your world from all others. But simple change your world, the things that are yours, you way of thinking, what you do, where you work, what you work on...
Now a days a do a kind of a joke, which is technically not a joke because I do consider it, what if I quit what I am doing (a PhD, but not only cut the being an engineer), and what defines me in society and become a fishermen. Like move to a small simple country, buy a hut, and become a fishermen, how cool would that be?
It doesn't have to be that, I could like do all I need to do and become a scuba instructor, and just give classes of that somewhere where life is simpler... Again how cool would that be?
No technology, which is quite curious since I work with technology, but also use it in my private life, in such a way that some of the shit I know I might have learned it from professional or private :P.
This sounds like a complain and it is far from it, I like technology, and I like solving problems, thus engineering is not a bad deal. But sometimes I crave for simplicity, the kind of work you don't think, just do, the kind of life from others, that you envision but can't bring yourself to live.
The meaning of doing something simple, and being happy doing it, feeling complete... Either by choice of not thinking or simply by clouded vision, or even being too busy to notice... The cool life of just living, thinking of today with no tomorrow in sight, simply because it will be the today of tomorrow.
The things that cross ones mind, and today is a huge day for me, been up since 7 AM and didn't went to bed early, so I’ll leave you with these thoughts to consider or not...

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