Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Mais vale ser puta, ao menos pagam quando nos fodem"

Today watched the movie "Call Girl", a Portuguese movie for those of you that don't know it. This quote, or something along those lines caught my hear, a rough translation is "It’s better to be a whore, at least you get paid when you get fucked". This is one of those sentences that all idealists should hear, even if they won’t care much about it. It is a fact of life we all get fucked, like I say "Fudido, Fudido, é ser fudido sem fuder" or in English "what is really fucked, is to be fucked without fucking", which brings us to the quote from the movie, wouldn't it be better for us to accept money since we get the pain of the fuck?? Well I thing we like the moral high road too much to be this pragmatic, on one hand, and on the other hand it is good this is so, because once your principles go you would become a whore, but a cheap one :P. Once you lose what you hold valuable, your price goes down :P.
This brings me to a question, do you have a price? I know as a first answer everyone will jump at the word no. But think about it, not just money, what would it take for you to sell a bit of you? Much?? How about for all of you ;P
Anyway one good question came up today, how do you know that you like (I don't use the word love, so take the like some steps up from its normal English meaning) someone for sure? Not just the notion of them, or the routine of them. Well for me normally I can find tons of arguments to explain and justify why I like someone, but the fact is this is all bullshit, I mean think about it, you like someone and them you find the reasons to like them, I mean the reasons are true, but if it was as simple as making sense and capturing it in a few words, how valuable would it be?
Thing is we tend to complicate some things by over thinking things, trying to find reasons for what we are and feel, for what? Validation? Come on, I might be a romantic on this, and I emphasize ON THIS, but we should feel, and validate if you must, but don't question if this is the right cheese if it smells and tastes like it ;).

This is all for today, sorry again a late entry and a tired one ;P, after I get back to the UK, this should improve ;)

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