Friday, January 11, 2008

The wasted day

Right, wasted day, always such a negative connotation to this sentence. The word waste is key for this, it can be defined in so many ways that you can only truly understand it in context, and what a context this is. The waste of a day, is something all pass through, smart or stupid, it goes to our existence as a being, beyond general personality characteristics, social standings, or even intellectual understandings. People waste time; a day is composed of time, so it is just a matter of time before you waste a day. Confused? Didn't think so.
So why does this happen? One has to wonder, is it because we are lazy bastards? Well that is true for some of us, if not all and some disguise it better than others :P.
The fact is I am having a wasted day, not because I have nothing to do, not because I didn't try to do it, simply couldn't do it. (Ok ok, I am not a firm believer of this, meaning this might be me excusing my laziness, still the argument continues :P)
Fact is, I couldn't be bother to set up anything, not even fun things, thus me writing in my blog at this hour on a Friday night :P. (The adding of not doing fun things helps in my defense not all about laziness, doesn't it? :P)
Do we sometimes feel the need to pause, before being ready to move forward? It does happen all major impacts to your life, you stop to pause for a bit, doesn't mean that its a day, sometimes it is a day, or a weak, or an hour, I do believe in the relativity of time, meaning time means different things for different people therefore its measure should cope with this.
But I don't think this is the case, I think we move forward because of the pause, as such it is not really a waste, in that sense waste also means different things for different people. If I play a computer game, I don't think it is a waste if I have fun doing it, my mom might disagree, as many of you who don't grasp the coolness of gaming :P.
This being said, the original question is still there, why the wasted day, which we know is wasted?
well funny thing about knowledge is that it changes, so in the future you might find that it isn't wasted time, you simply can't grasp the meaning yet, as such you find the only possible justification, it is a waste.(Sometimes I surprise even myself with these arguments :P)
What if you never find the reasons? Is it a waste then? well of course it is, as it was since the beginning, the ability to argue damages our liability towards ourselves, we find ways to trick ourselves into believing things that we know aren't true, but wished then as such.
Taking responsibility for a wasted day, I say this today, fuck it, next time I’ll try again not to waste it, hopefully if I fail, it won’t mean anything bad... as I hope today wont....
(As a counter, maybe this last part is just my frustration speaking out, you can always argue, cool isn't it? :P )

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