Saturday, January 22, 2011

From the land of small duvets....

Long time no see, it is funny how time flies. Well after a series of bad news in conjunction with a set of bad circumstances, where Murphy was the key narrator (yes, the one from all the "nice" laws) I didn't feel let's say too motivated to write here. In addition to the fact that I had to stop writing my thesis for a while (should be able to restart in a couple of weeks). Anyway that is on the background, the usual apologies for my absence, so wide open internet, my dear routers and servers that allow my words to stay on for posterity, I am deeply sorry. As for all the others, well either you know me and I suggest picking up a phone, or you live in the north pole and come out once a day for the joy of little children all over the world. In either case, I believe the big numbers for my apology is the technology that supports my blog, so here you are a series of random characters for you to store.

Well I am in the land of small duvets, for a week now, and will be here for the following 2, and you might be asking yourselves where is the land of small duvets, and more importantly what the f*ck is he talking about ( notice how nice I am by not writing fuck :P). So I get to the hotel, check in, the usual bullshit form, etc. Then go to my room again normal room, the bed is somewhere in between a single and a double, which is fine. The duvet was folded on top of the bed so you don't realise it at first, but when I when to cover myself I realised it the duvet is smaller than the bed, weird I thought, in fact it is smaller even if I am not under it. This might seem like no big deal but I move at night so you have space in the bed to move but you get out of the duvet, get cold, wake up... You see the problem. So the next day I casually introduced the topic to some locals(for those who don't know me, casual is my middle name, followed by the PI (political incorrect) :P ) and found out it is normal here, imagine that. I immediately thought these guys are genius they save on a third of the fabric :P. The locals where like, yes we did notice that when we go other places the duvet is bigger but never made much of it... How weird is that?

In their defence it is my god knows time in this place, I noticed it before but my humour did not made me do much of it either. So I guess my humour is quite affected these days...

Anyhow, I am going under the duvet know and be very still so not to be could, changed hotel and the heating on this one is not that strong, and smaller bed, and guess what? even smaller duvet... Ridiculous... :P

P.S.- I bet you can't guess where I am, unless you already know... :P