Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Numb day

Today I am writing this out of obligation really, no defined title, no direction, no destination, just putting some words together.
Not in a sharing thoughts mood, most of them are abstract thoughts today, so even if I was in that mood, I wouldn't be able to translate then into formal language. Talking about my day isn't really an option, because there is nothing to tell, a simple day where all seconds followed other seconds, nothing significant about it, to be fair not insignificant. A numb day (which should be the title), a day you do things, but with this inexistence mind set, where everything is without being. I can say I did wake up with the smell of something new, literally, but like I said not in a sharing mood :P.
To all of you who read this, for whatever reason, smells are quite intriguing and sometimes, just sometimes precede important events, although in this case, it was just something that I realized after waking up and make de smile, so kudos for that.
All in all, it is a day that makes me wonder about tomorrow, thus not a bad day, and tomorrow we'll see what it will bring...

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