Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Everyday is Exactly the Same?

Is it? Well depends on the point of view, as for all things. The point of view lesson that I learn from one of my top 3 movies of all times, the dead poets society. There are always several views for the same situation, and in the end the only one that counts is the one we see at the given moment. The same day, same job, same things to do... Or is it different, I mean you can see answering phones as always the same, but it is rarely the same person that you are answering.
Lately I've been beating up my mind because of lack of vision, not foreseeing a outcome, not being prepared for it, when I should have at least have it in mind. People are as they are, giving them extra leverage is not useful, if they will change they should do it under the harshest conditions possible, and even them it is likely that they won't change (bare in mind I am talking of people's core, change is always happening to the human being, just not to its core).
This title is an excuse to blow up some steam, and on a day like today, not all is the same, but fuck, how many things can one do wrong. Not many, gain points of view, I messed up my laptop, took me the whole afternoon to get it running again, fixable? Yes, but come on, if there was a god, this is one of the situations that you would say "what kind of god would let this to happen?". And this was the latest, yesterday did a mess at home just by bumping into the table...
Regardless this is not the topic, and this should be one of the worst posts I have posted, should be confused, should be messed up, because guess what, that is my head at the moment.
Work, well wish I could tell you can't focus so, it is rather pointless.
Girlfriend, well there is my rock, otherwise I would be so fucking destroyed. At this time in my life I see the point of view of how happy I should be, and I am, but I can't be completely, but them again who can?
The song for this post, from the movie wanted, which I liked the idea of the story, I enjoyed the soundtrack for this song, but the movie itself was merely OK.

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Pippa said...

I am always next to you, you are my hand right too ;) life is up and downs, everything is going to be fine :)Love