Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another update?

Well it appears so. The time to actually put a lot of content in the blog is quite thin. So a quick update is the option for now.
Last week I was skiing in the Pyrenees, it was great except for a minor accident, but I will post about it later with some pictures and videos.
I came back from this holiday directly into a cold, and a project meeting on Monday. The meeting was in London so I was up at 5:30 am which is never nice, train, meeting, train, effective but not helping in the illness department. Tuesday was feeling like shit, came to work but couldn't do much so when home, and bed does actually help. But don't try to get out too soon or you end up there again, Wednesday.
Today back to work, and obviously the lost days are making a difference. Although I am not 100%, well at least I am doing something.
Some family problems from Portugal on Tuesday, also didn't help the matter at all. So pretty hectic week with very little to show for it. Oh well... Update complete...

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