Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The devilish snooze button

Or the button from hell, temptation itself, it only appears in the morning just next to the one that means get out of bed, I mean honestly who doesn't ever push the snooze?
Today as you must have guess I pushed the snooze button, or so I thought, so I oversleep. It happens, still it got me wondering why the fuck we use this button so much, I mean why not set an hour when our mind is clear, without given time already for the snooze pressing, honestly do those 5 minutes really make a difference? Well I feel they do in the morning, but I think they don't the rest the day :P.
You wake up and think, 5 minutes, what is that, the "me" from last night knows nothing, the morning "me" thinks it is fine, who needs a clear head to make decisions? Hazy is the best way to decide :P.
And when you do multiple snooze pushes, I mean honestly why? What sort of mind set do we have to do it? And the thing is that it seems to make sense, I am conscious when I do it, and it seems clear the logic. Just one of those frustrations that one lives with, and don't get me wrong I love that button except when shit like today happens, or multiple snooze which I think makes me more tired :P.
The coolest thing is when you are dreaming, because you don't really wake up, you snooze and then you are in the dream but knowing it is a dream, better even your dream, thus you can control it :P so fucking fun that I really hope you know what I am talking about...
Regardless of the coolness, I really despise the alarm manufactures for coming up with this option, because honestly the idea I can't blame them, but come on keep it away (ok the morning "me" doesn't agree with this at all :P).
Anyways I am putting myself on probation no snooze for a week, I’ll keep you posted to what happens, if I can remember that is :P.

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