Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"The right state of your mind"

Today I went to a concert and for the first time in my life the main band wasn't the reason I was there. The main band was whoever, basically a cross between a punk band and Irish music, they reminded me of something a dear friend once told me, "those who can't play make noise", which in this case wasn't true, I could see they can play, but they aren't good enough creatively which will give wings for me to right a post about people that have the technique but not the genius.
Anyways I was there to see Mad Caddies which I heard about 2 weeks ago through a friend that convinced me to go with him to the concert. First time I heard it was ok, nice sound, cheerful, interesting (and I know the word means nothing, but I was curious). They are good live, the songs work better with their performance, it's like a cross between jazz, folk and punk, but nothing really stands out. The thing is I don't understand how a band like this could be playing support for a punk band, honestly it makes no sense, they are good beyond just technique. Anyways wanted to share with you one of their songs, hope you like it.
One needs the right state of mind for everything in life, including going to a concert with a lot of freaks around :P.

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