Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mobile phones

Firstly let me apologize for the late post entry, regardless I have an interesting topic.
So mobile phones this plague we can't live without, hard to imagine life without them, I mean I got my first one around 10 years ago, and I really don't understand how I could operate any sort of social life without it. The fact is we did live without it, and I did do stuff, and meet friends and so forward. The mobile gives us freedom to plan unplanned events, thus allows us to live more intensively, we don't need to wait we can call, I mean 5 minutes late let's see what is happening, I might have time to grab a cup of coffee in the meantime :P. Note that I am not being ironic I do think it is a great tool, after all it is one of my expertise engineering wise :P, the thing is mobiles are around and are a part of our lives for several reasons, and strangely enough this post is not about that :P, it is about what we can get out of it...
Right so everyone has a mobile, this means idiots have mobiles which can be a scary concept :P. This post is to target the people that use mobiles regardless of the situation, so it is targeting the idiots that forget to turn off the mobile in the cinema (ok I am guilty of that one :P) and as if that isn't enough they pick up and TALK DURING THE MOVIE, honestly WHAT THE FUCK!! Sometimes they pick up to say I am in the movie I’ll call you latter, I mean how stupid can you be? Have you heard of SMS? Or just rejecting the call? Ohh right some other idiots take it personally if you reject their call, I mean god forbid that I call you and you are busy, that can't happen I mean aren't I the center of the universe? NO you are not...
And now for the subtleties, I mean people act like that when they have no respect for others, or thing others have no respect for them. Analyzing the extreme positions it is always obvious what is the right way to do it, but what about the grey areas?
If you are getting a cup of coffee with a friend and someone calls you? And what if the conversation with your friend is a serious one? I mean don't get me wrong some calls are important and you might need to take it, which you can explain, but would you pick up and talk in front of the person for ages? (When I get an important call I excuse myself for a bit, but hey that is just me) You can really see how people see you through their behavior, I have loads of tests for that :P (maybe on another post :P), but the mobile one is a new addition, and the beauty of if is I don't have to do it, people do it for you...
The mobile is always present, so it is just a matter of time, they start texting for no given reasonable reason, or pick up the phone on "your" time, meaning the time they are suppose to be with you, and again for no reason, I mean how are is it to I’ll call you back, considering that rejecting the call is out of the question :P
The thing is this test is not set in stone because there are exceptions in it, has in any other test, but I am starting to realize that the mobile reaction is key in predicting the sort of relation you want to have with someone... but then again I might be wrong, it has been known to happen, just not often :P.

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