Sunday, February 3, 2008

tiny balance

Hey whoever, did my shopping, not too bad this time, moved along through another day, a fucking cold day I might add.
I am thinking of what I’ve been putting up in this blog, not sure it is the right recipe for the intended objectives, since these have a tendency to become blurred by life.
Anyways it's been over a month since I start this, and I am quite proud that I manages to keep it up, nothing new there since one of my main characteristics is to me proud :P. Joking a side I managed to put simple posts to complex posts about myself (although in abstract, still it is an achievement). Lately I’ve been reluctant to put up my feelings, since I am not doing it I’ll at least say why.
At a certain point I simply close down my thought lines, not shutting them down (Unfortunately I can't), but my adding damage control thoughts that incapacitate finishing the thought lines, translating: I simply over think things to the point of uncertainty. This enables the possibility of logic taking control, thus limiting the amount of information that I communicate out. It sounds complex but it isn't, basically I shut myself out, but not really because I couldn't argue doing so :P.
It is always about the balance between what works and what you allow yourself to do, conscious is a dam thing at times, but I always give a chance to the unexpected, if it appears. (Or so I tell myself :P)
Anyways might be going into these abstract thinking one of these days, but I am afraid of not being able to make sense of them in written text, still I’ll try, as I’ve been trying, I think all of you give me at least that.
That is about it, hope you liked it so far and that you keep reading, otherwise I write for myself, which a came to re-realize is not a bad thing ;P

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