Thursday, February 21, 2008

The tongue theory

Today I want to cover two topics, the first one is the one that gives the topic, the other is simply a regret in the form of a thought or a thought in the form of a regret, you figure it out.
Right today I heard a great theory about the tongue, which I never thought about but it goes well with some of my theories (which ones, well I’ll tell on request only so get more interactive :P).
So the theory states that you should check another person's tongue to check if you are compatible (you are not reading wrong compatibility through tongue :P), so basically if you have a round tongue you will want another person with a similar tongue so you get distributed stimulus in the tongue, but if you have a pointy tongue, then you'll want a tongue that localizes the stimulus to the tip of it. Quite simple if you thing about and it does make sense, so a new line comes to mind for pulling girls, "hey show me your tongue to see if we hit it off" :P or "hey babe, show us some tongue" :P, jokes aside there might be more to this than meets the eye (so thanks for this theory, you know who you are :P).
Theme two is a bit more serious, lost opportunities, or since I like the word, the wasted potential, so the things that potentially might be. Sometimes potential simply passes by without you even realizing it, I mean those are the worst type of situations, not the ones that you pass consciously (although those suck, guilt trips and shit), but the ones you don't clearly see until they are gone. One way or another, you don't make the decision it simply is made due to lack of vision, and that sucks, really not a cool thing. Some things are simply potentials of the realm of utopia, where everything is clear and we due our own mistakes by choice and not by lack of vision. Still one wonders when we see it, what if? Even though time as passed, after all isn't all relative anyway?

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