Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Soundless walk home

No background soundtrack is interesting from time to time, you and your thoughts, the sounds of your head, true that some sounds are records of someone else's thoughts, sounds or music, and still there is a curious self selection which coincidently you wouldn't do. May that be the song that you can't like but it’s too catchy not to, or a conversation that took place far beyond reasonable memory, it is simply you and what is in you at the table of reality. Suddenly you hear the whisper of the slight breeze in your hears, it is thus you feel it more that you actually hear it, but the presence of both senses is their and you think of the simplicity of this thought, this experience that just passed, and you realized that you just ruined it by thinking about it. Always a problem o contextualization, like the things that come to you on your thoughts, they must have a logical progression of some sort, something must be the trigger, and yet we fail to consider ourselves the trigger with the curiosity that we are the trigger most of the times.
Our mind wonders, the night is upon you, it surrounds you and embraces your thoughts, molding them to the dark beauty of the might, the mystery of the unclear. Lights strike the darkness, curious, there are different types, as there are different streets and paths, a chaos of organized lighting strategies that a mad man must have envisioned.
The absence of human presence, you feel it, the remembrance that it exists, voices echo in your head proving it, and yet it all seems so quiet and vague, and the simplicity of absence. Suddenly you see a figure, a person, as expect when you consider the void it fills up, strangely enough I could still ignore its presence, in my world that is an unfamiliar figure thus let me rant freely in my thoughts of void.
But you hear sounds, people, life, you notice your footsteps, they have a rhythm, the rhythm that defines you, in the absence of influences you would be truly yourself. Yet this is a vague and unreachable concept, due to other considerations.
A car approaches, normally you ignore traffic unless you are crossing the street, but there is a curious chaotic element in it that you might find appealing in a day like today. The chaotic inner workings of something that should go wrong more times than it actually does, it is quite a fascinating topic.
Life again, this time more people, more worlds, more groups of void relations that exist but not to you...

Enough, bed time, exhaustion :P

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