Saturday, March 8, 2008


The lack of words when you have much to express, or the overflow of thoughts that prevents you from formalizing them, or the fear to do so, all of which is quite curious, anyways I’ll do what I love to do on these occasions. The borrowing of others words (this one is probably unknown to most)

Now that I
Face the world with pain inside
Strange but I
Can't understand the reasons why.
Forever is
A world that I cannot describe
That Died the time we said goodnight.
It makes no difference, wrong or right
The time has come to say goodnight.
And how could I
Be so sure but be so wrong?
And how could I?
Have a will so weak with a mind so strong?
And Only I
Can tell the difference right or wrong.
It makes no difference, wrong or right
I guess it's best we say goodnight.

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