Sunday, March 16, 2008


Well it is official I am 9862 days old, or 27, I had a very nice story to tell but I thing this fact takes precedence :P.
27 is a heavy number, you can feel the quarter century in a fair distance which is sad considering I liked 25 a lot :P. But time stops for no man, or so they tell me, in reality you are as old as you act, honestly I am older and in many ways a different, maybe even more mature, whatever that means, but I still keep tabs on the old me that guy makes this guy unique ;).
Life is a sequence of events that is enabled by time, time gives it reference points for you to use, if you choose to do it. My birthday means I have a day more than yesterday, if you look at the number 9862, it is not really a round number as 27 isn't, its more a intermediate number and that is what I say on this marker, I am in-between moments, not sure where I am headed but I do know where I’ve been, well sort of :P
Cheers for all that remember this date, and those who didn't, well don't worry I don't give it too much importance anyway :) friends are there when you need them and on this day they are great company, but I do know what matters ;)

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