Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another plane trip

There is a lot I could say about my time in Portugal, all the things that passed and yet today I have to share with you something I was wondering in the plane.
The fucking plane was completely full again, I mean it is a Wednesday, middle of the week there are more than 10 daily flights connecting Lisbon to London, how the fuck can they be all full? Is there a mass movement of people that I am unaware of? Honestly I was thinking about this, are there any mathematical models to predict this complex behavior? I mean we all have our individual reasons for traveling, my surprise is the amount of lives that cross the skies now a days, and for those who talk shit about globalization, well it is here, we are becoming the global village...

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Joana said...

I do not write in English because "enerva-me e claro está para o bem da humanidade" (este último bocadinho tive dificuldade em traduzir :p)
"Another plane trip" e que se repita brevemente mas de volta a Portugal... my "conscience" is in England (uma misturazinha de portuga com inglês).

I Miss You... traduzindo para todos perceberem (:p)... Tenho Saudades Tuas!!