Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Notion of a busy day

The day starts with a nice wake up call, not a literal expression since I mean the cramp I got around 8 o'clock, so a wake up in pain not the best way to wake up. Stay in bed stretching for half an hour and proceeded to start my day.
So the usual stuff, a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth and proceeded to leave the house. Today I was predicting a busy day so I took the bus instead of walking (that and the fact that my leg was still in pain from the cramp :P).
Got to the office and was immediately briefed of a meeting at 11 about the European proposal that we are putting together, which on a regular day I wouldn't have a problem juggling it in to my schedule but today meant I couldn't go to the labs to prepare my next week classes (a problem which I still will need to figure out what I’ll do, anyway...). So I proceeded to chapter 2 of the deliverable for an ongoing project (which is late by 2 months, and to be fair I only started last week since technically it isn't my responsibility, but anyway...).
11 o'clock the meeting where we defined the flaws of the proposal, what needed to be improved. The problem was as you would expect there was a lot of tweaking to be done. Another interesting detail was I found out on the meeting that the interviews that I would be helping to conduct for a new software engineer was at 13:30 and not at 14:00 as I was expecting, great news since I schedule with a friend to have lunch at 13:00, moving on. Finished that meeting with all, to have a smaller one where I discuss with a colleague the work packages required and their structure. At 1 o'clock I was done, so in time for my lunch which I warned my friend I would have to cut short. But supporting my dear friend Murphy, my friend was a bit late, and I got a call to be ready 5 minutes before, so really short lunch, since I left half of it behind.
After these 2 interviews, for two people that didn't really fit the position, I got confronted with the other side of the interview. Honestly I rather be the one being interviewed, but this would be another story. Finished the interviews at 14:40 and proceed with the discussion about the people that we interviewed, another half an hour.
Got to my office, and got presented with the changes of the proposal, so guess what? Review time :P. Meeting at 4 for the second round about the proposal, followed by the technical discussion about the proposals objectives, finished around 18.
Office again, and my dear colleague after I asked who wants to get a chocolate from the vending machine suggested chippy shit (for the ones who don't know, it is a bugger place with the best burgers :P). We pick them up and come back, I FINALLY ATE :P.
Sit down on my computer, and started working on the proposal and its diagrams, and finished at 21:30. This would be fine, but I had to pass on champions league game as I set up with a colleague, and also the party I really wanted to go in the evening after the game (I am fucking tired :P).
Checked the news, yesterday’s daily show, mails, and decided to come home.
Walked home, fucking freezing today of course, got home did some tea which was great, check some stuff and now writing this shit, and after bed...

Sorry for a descriptive day, I could have gone for today’s lessons but honestly I am in describing mode, the thinking mode was destroyed with all the discussions over the day... See you tomorrow, the proposal is going out Thursday, but I promise not to mention it tomorrow :).

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