Friday, March 28, 2008

First day back from holiday

The first day back is quite weird, firstly because of the schedules being completely messed up (I just fell asleep for 4 hours and woke up for no reason now) and also because the holidays destroy your rhythm, although your batteries might be charged the release of energy is quite contained :P.
I was wondering if you should take a day off when you are back, still that would mean a day less on holiday which normally we are not open to conced. Still working on the day after a trip is quite tricky already (coming from meetings in Europe is also no picnic), but if you add the absence of rhythm than it is a quite hard day to endure, even though you have the right spirit for the day the productivity is quite low, which in turn frustrates you producing a bad start for your new work cycle.
Anyways one needs to believe tomorrow will be more productive, and honestly if it is not, the weekend should take care of the residual lack of rhythm, or so I hope :P.

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