Tuesday, March 11, 2008

fuck modesty

Today I have a modesty statement, for those who know me it wont be a surprise, for all the others, it is a reality check. I am not a modest person, and lets be clear I am talking purely on an intellectual level, I am smart, I know I am smart, and modesty aside (and today this statement goes for the whole text) I am one of the best arguers if not the best one I know. I'd like to point out this is not a blind thought, of course if you understand better a subject you may win an argument, but if I have knowledge on it, very hardly you will. Why? Well in arguments I play to win, it is one of my favorite games, and I am fucking good at.
The thing is I know I am awesome, some of you may agree, others are simply idiots; regardless all have a right to an opinion. In current day I adjusted my behavior to society standards, that doesn't mean I don't know my potential (now take notes please) EVEN IF I DON'T USE IT, my potential my choice to use it or not.
One note, I noticed today that I might not be as patient as I thought, and again don't get me wrong, if I have a angle I am as cool as Fonzie, but if I don't stupidity really pisses me off. The problem is not being stupid, the problem is doing stupid things. KNOW YOUR LIMITS PEOPLE, again take note. Regardless this was pointed out by a close friend, at the time I kind of dismissed, but now I notice that patience is not the most abundant at times, again also depends on the topic.
Back to the modesty shit, why should I be modest? Honestly can't people measure others? I know a lot of people whom which I need to play my A game in order to win an argument, the thing is these people know how fucking good my A game is thus they sometimes just avoid it completely, question, why would you not able to play at that level defy me to do so? And then complain about it... LOL... really...
Which brings me to the addition of a reply when people say is that the best you can do, answer “my answers are at the level of my audience" :P.
More seriously, people have strong characteristics and weak ones, get to know them, and honestly don't play games out of your league, show that you are smart and pick your battles. I do, I don't argue indiscriminately (even though sometimes might appear I do), I know when I out of my league (normally related to a specific topic).
If you don't you may find yourself in front of a guy like me that sometimes has no patience and then, well all things go, one thing I’ll tell is I never say I am a good person, I am a person that does as he sees fit, and sometimes that might be destructive...

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