Monday, March 10, 2008


BSML, a scale we came up during a brainstorm session at Nottingham University. Maybe you heard about Technology Maturity Level, well this is BullShit Maturity Level.
First you shouldn't take this literally, not all is bullshit, and I actually have a great definition for bullshit of this level. BullShit is the ability to say things that aren't wrong but also aren't right, which always make sense. The ability to sell your product, you have to say things that are true and right, and combine them in the way it suites you.
So BSML scale goes from 1 to 10, being the 1 the average (average is not the word but I forgot it, its like more like gullible :P) Joe and the 10 emperor. The cool thing about this scale is that it can be applied to different things, although it was created to support academic bullshit, it work for technology, economics, and socially.
Actually people score different depending on the topic, I mean come on some people are professional bullshiters may that on picking up girls, or on bullshiting that you know how :P.
We all bullshit at one time or another, the question is how good are we at it. The best one I know is a level 11 which will remain nameless, but I’ll describe the ability, so basically he says stuff that makes perfect sense answering all your questions, and when you stop and think about it after 10 minutes you realize you got nothing, but a nothing that makes perfect sense :P.
I must confess I am quite good at this scale, in most fields anyway which is quite sad, and really not that proud not even sure why I am writing this now, this scale is out there for a year now, and I am getting better on it, anyways the positive is I can also detect it better, I mean really better. The other day I meet someone that is doing a PhD on Brazilian culture in England, and she is Brazilian. Someone made fun of her and she does this amazing speech on how it makes sense, and I went you are a 3 year PhD aren't you? She was like how do you know? And I was like, your bullshit level is quite high :P.
More seriously there are a lot of benefits on this, but still there is some loss of innocence lets say, come to think of it how innocent was I to being with? Well you figure it out :P.

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