Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The breath of friendship, the welcome in human warmth, the reality of belonging, the complicity in existence, the acceptance of flaws, completing parts of your puzzle.
It is one of the things that define me, my friends and our relationship, it is something that I can hardly put into words but I find I should at least try. For me friends are the top priority of life, they are your reasons for being, one should understand how I look at people to understand that I am not exaggerating on this quote.
A question I like to ask people is friends or family? And for me the answer is obvious, by far friends, since these include some members of my family like my mom, who is flat out one of my best friends. Obviously this requires levels of friendship, some thing you don't talk with your mom, but still there is all the characteristics of a friendship since these things aren't taboo or anything they just don't come up. I look at my girlfriends as my best friends, which is what defines them as girlfriends, before that they are just girls that I’m involved with...
I think you can get a clear picture about my views of friendship range.
The people you get, without getting, the people you accept in their differences, the advices that you can't ignore, the people that provide words for your silence, the ones that can define you when you are lost, the honesty of truth friendship is more than words can describe, its the gamble of perfection for the truth which in turn maintains that perfection... Knowing harsh words in a gentle manner, understanding the care in the hard love, and yet the sympathy for your flaws and their acceptance and in turn your own acceptance.
Friendship is something beyond words, you can clearly see it for what it is, but just in your eyes, the standing up for those you know are at fault, the proof of a true friend, but it is so much more than simply this inference, it is something you have to do, something that defines you as a person. You are how the world sees you? Or you are as your friends remember you? Is what the face you show the world the same your friends see? All will say no, ask yourself who are you? How can you define yourself? Through words? Sure you can, but will they make you justice?
I am going on and on, but the bottom line is, can you picture your life without friendship in all its forms? Fuck that would be a life without me in it, but maybe that is just me.... To my friends, and you know who you are, I know thanks is not required, but thanks for defining me in a way that I can be proud of...

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