Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parrot type

So it seems that writing the blog in the morning is becoming a habit :P. But trust me it is a mere coincidence.
Today I got my times right meaning I went to bed early and got up around now :P.
Today I’ll talk about a certain type of people, the parrot type.
Have you notice sometimes people say something very deep or complex or even insightful, and are completely unable to follow it through? like they simply heard it somewhere and now are simply repeating what someone else (who probably knows what he or she is talking about) argument, and don't get me wrong you should use other people's arguments if they are good, but you should at least digest it before you do, understand it in order to check if it is good. The parrot type simply repeat what was told to them by people they consider superior, and in order to feel superior the use this incomplete knowledge as their own.
The thing is these people are level one in arguments, meaning they can just say the sentence, and once you argue back they don«t know what to say. I mean honestly if you are unable to follow up an argument, you are an idiot if you use it since you are driving the conversation to a dead end for you...
The parrot type is still funny, once identified it is always a good laugh, and yet if they keep clear of me I really wouldn't mind :P.

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