Monday, March 3, 2008

Cleaning day

Cleaning day is normally a resentful day, at least if you are not a clean freak (you know who you are :P). When you think of cleaning it is always a boring and methodical thing, a sort of rot that you try to postpone as much as you can.
Well today I had my cleaning day, we have a rotational system in the house, and it was quite good. Don't get me wrong cleaning is still awful to my eyes, but by doing it you feel useful, you can see results, and if you are doing it well you will break a sweet. Actually that is the thing, physical things, no intellectual bullshit, just pure and simple action is good for the mind and soul.
A good sweet, the one you feel proud of, not like just running, but running when you want to run, the sweet that you feel in your mind and soul... (Or maybe I am too spiritual today :P)
So I’ll finish on this thought: If you break a sweet in your soul you'll fell it is there...

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