Sunday, March 2, 2008

Forced Thought

It is funny how our brain works, I had a topic in hand but strangely enough my thoughts are in its way. It is a simple topic and quite curious about people hobbies and in which way it helps or defines them.
Other thoughts slip in, after all this one is already defined, I simply didn't share it yet, and it seems I wont due to the thought that I have at the moment, even though I am describing this to set a clear thought line that might help bringing back to topic. Funny how much I can write without saying a word, the music doesn't help, makes me wonder, makes me dream, and yet it was music on the basis of the topic of today.
I went to a concert of one of technicians of our labs, he plays the guitar which came as a surprise to me since I always saw him as the technician.
After listening to a pretty nice set of songs (and don't get me wrong by nice I mean easy listening, so not brilliant but nice) I was considering the label I put on the bloke, I know it is normal to label and also is normal to try and defend that we don't. But in this case it is interesting how a hobby can reshape people's views of you, think about it, in what way do your hobbies work for you, making you feel good? Perhaps complete? How about your job? Not so much? But yet we tend to give more value to people's jobs than to their hobbies, when their hobbies define them better. Something to bear in mind, ask for hobbies you'll learn more than by finding out about the job.
I wanted to talk also about how we deal with hobbies, how we envision them, how we prioritize life but... Never mind for today I strained my brain of its center for enough time.

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