Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eventful day

Right today is one of those days that I did very little and a lot happened, so I actually have a lot of topics I could talk about. Of course I won’t speak a lot, because the day hasn't finished yet, I need to pack because tomorrow I bugger off back to Portugal.
So I’ll talk about the first thing that happened to me today, because it was the first, it should be the one I start and in this case finish :P.
I had a meeting with my supervisor, the big boss. Guess what, I was planning on working a lot has I’ve been doing in the last week, I had the meeting and did nothing else work related the rest of the day. Why? Because it went very well, he said that he likes my idea, my approach and bla bla. Result, the loss of the will to do anything, it is funny when people say good things about you, that is when you feel no will to do more, I mean you did enough, more than enough :P bullshit, but you know what I mean, if you have a bad meeting you work until you feel that somehow you compensated for your shortcomings. I guess it is human nature, but still, we could be better :P
Sorry I have to keep this short but I am tired, and it is my birthday already :P
Talk to you from Portugal....

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