Saturday, March 22, 2008

Full moon of realizations

The bright full moon over the immense ocean, the waves crush against all that stands in their way, the anger in the wind is clear in sound, clouds race in the night skies, stars randomly scattered throughout the gaps of visible sky...
What can I say, the scenery screamed poetry, but no poet in site. Never the less here I am in my usual ranting of nothing.
The word realization is quite strong, I am not sure I am realizing anything yet, more of a clearer awareness of facts, or maybe I am just too afraid to let it really sink in. The thing is acceptance of certain things bring implications of loss which you have to agree is not the best feeling in the world.
Not the right time to write about this simply because I only want to do it after events unfold or I unfold them. The point of this would be lost in this issue I need to act more and leave the interpretation for after. Thus sorry for starting this one and leaving it midway, I’ll give you the possible names for my new compilation of music which I will record tomorrow, either "goodbye" or "so fuck you"... I'll keep you posted :P

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