Monday, November 3, 2008


Hey dear readers, after the usual weekend break on posts (or at least usual nowadays ;P) I am back with a post I should have wrote on Saturday. I do have a lot to talk about but this was the first topic I had and it is the easiest to write about.
I had my first open water dive on Saturday, went until 12.5 meters which is quite nice. I am doing the dive course in England which probably isn't a brilliant idea considering the temperatures, but the 11 degrees of the water was quite OK considering outside it was 7 degrees ;P. Seriously it is fine, I had a semi-dry suite and it was fine, no need even for a dry suite. The break between dives is a bit of the hard part, but never mind that, lets talk about the dive.
Don't know if you read my post called "The dive", that is all still valid, but I have to add some stuff because this was an open water dive.
The danger of diving does sink in, I mean in a pool, you can dive without any equipment, but here well at 12 meters there is no way you don't feel the danger not doing things right. So you have an idea, you don't see the surface when you look up ;P. As the dive progresses you see fish, the simplicity of water life, the silence, some reeks, and suddenly you feel the peacefulness, feeling weightless, the cold water doesn't feel that cold, but rather feels like a natural contact with you body reminding you that you exist, that this is real, that you are real.
Anyway I am getting lost here, not a good sign for the rest of the day. What I want to say is, diving is a good way of relaxing, or better a awesome way to do so.
It is a sport, you do get very tired after doing it, but also very light, when you take the equipment out, take a hot shower, have some food because you'll be starving, and after a nice relaxed sleep...

Something at Stoney Cove where I went :

P.S.- If you are thinking I am crazy for doing this in the UK, well if I can dive here I can dive anywhere ;P

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i said...

congratulations on your first open water dive! silly me...I still can't dive, even in the swimming pool :( although i think it's very cool to dive in the open water & really want to do it someday, especially recalling that my country has so many awesome sea areas to dive into. So...if you decided to quit your PhD & suddenly become jobless, you know that you have an opening to be my diving instructor ;) xx