Friday, November 7, 2008

Take a look around...

Take a look around, perhaps you'll find more than I see lately. The simplicity of being is bound to contracts, without comparing things it is nearly impossible to determine what is to exist. I think therefore I am, doesn't quite cut it :P.
When you compare you enable yourself to see beyond what you feel, you force logic into the picture. The biggest problem in the world is always our own. Although rationally we might dismiss this statement, but the fact of the matter is we live by it, regardless if you think it to be true or not. What pains us most is what we can feel right now, this reminds me of the movie Major Payne, let me see if i find it...

Not the best find, but it is still funny, the part that I care about for this post is, if you have a head ache and want it to stop, simply break a finger, I bet the head ache will be the furthest thing from your mind ;P. This is a funny way of putting things, but the fact of the matter is when i am hungry, I don't think there are people that haven't ate for days in the world, I think its been a couple of hours since my last meal.
Now I got lost on what I wanted to say, LOL, great ;P.
The logical mind might tell us how great our life is, while the little aches of it prevent us from fully enjoying it. It is a stupid affliction of the human condition, we need problems. This reminds me of the matrix and yet I could find the transcripts of it but it is when Agent Smith reveals to Morpheus that there was another matrix that preceded the one currently in place. In the first matrix human life was perfect but it was rejected by man (according to Agent Smith) so the second matrix world included suffering. This is a lot like the Bible's record of Adam and Eve (the first man and woman created) who defied God and were then cast out of the perfect Garden of Eden and into a world of sin and pain.
The fact of the matter is, if thing are too perfect we do have a tendency to distrust them...
On the up side, when we do look around we can, even if it is just for a bit, we can see how things are, not binding ourselves to our own existence. When the good comes to bad, the bad comes to good, but im a live my life like i should (like i should).
Which brings me to the end of this post that concludes with life is a lesson, you'll learn it when you are through.

I can't resit giving emphasis to :

does anybody really know the secret
or the combination for this life
and where they keep it
its kinda sad when u dont know the meanin
but everything happens for a reason (everything happens for a reason)
i dont even know what i should say
cause im an idiot
a loser, microphone abuser
i analyze every second i exist
beatin on my mind every second with my fists
and everybody wanna run (wanna run)
everybody wanna hide from the gun (hide from the gun)
you can take a ride through this life if you want
but you cant take the edge off the knife (no sir)
and now you want your money back (money back)
but your denied cause your brains fried from the sack
and there aint nothin i can do
cause life is a lesson
you learn it when your through

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